5 Things You Should Know About Magento Development

5 Things You Should Know About Magento Development

By: marysmith

Magento offers e-commerce sites a powerful, flexible, and feature-rich platform. Also, Magento is open-source, infinitely scalable, and customizable. For this reason, e-commerce websites use Magento more than any other to develop their platforms.

If you are just getting started with e-commerce, you need to find out about Magento. These five things will help you to understand its features and how it works. It’s perhaps the most popular e-commerce platform around, powering many of the most popular brands today.

Incorporating Payment Security is Easy

Online retailers know that protecting customer data and payment information is a top priority. However, some e-commerce platforms make securing customer data harder than it really should be.

On the other hand, Magento has built-in features that make securing user data easy, such as Magento’s Secure Payment Bridge, which is PA-DSS certified.

The Magento platform keeps its payment bridge separate from the rest of the e-commerce platform. In this way, the site owner can easily update the platform without disrupting customer data and payment options. It also helps to safeguard credit card data from incursions by hackers.

Since Magento is open source, it allows for the creation of custom admin paths and can also be customized to restrict access to only a few IP addresses. That further fortifies the site against hackers.

It’s Mobile-Friendly and Easy to Update

It’s extremely important these days to have an up-to-date, mobile-friendly website. By 2025, experts predict that at least 10% of all US retail sales will be made from a mobile device. That includes both online and in-person sales. In 2020 alone, online sales increased by more than 16%.

Magento allows you to instantly update your theme and content to appeal to the changing tastes of your customers. You can tap into the Magento library of themes, or design your own. Also, it’s flexible, instantly sizing your site to fit any size screen, providing your customers with an easy-to-use interface.

Your webstore projects the ever-changing face of your business, and Magento allows you to reflect that.

Magento is Built for SEO

Search engine optimization is the name of the game, and Magento has built-in extensions and modules to make ranking your e-commerce website higher on Google easy. For one thing, Magento incorporates Google analytics into the backend. This helps you to find just the right keywords to incorporate into your text and listings to optimize your website’s SEO.

Finally, Google recognizes Magento as a trusted platform, instantly improving your ranking and credibility. Google not only analyzes your keywords and backlinks but also your website’s code. To learn more about website design and climbing to the top of the search engines, click here.

It Not Only Keeps Customers Up-to-Date But Also Allows Them to Leave Reviews

Magento allows you to engage your customers in several ways. First of all, the software can alert your customers of new products, services, and features. It also can help your customers find the exact products and services of interest to them.

Magento can also create user-generated content such as reviews, testimonials, and more. Today, user-generated content is vital for e-commerce. Seeing reviews and testimonials from other customers generates trust, and can bring new customers to your store. Just look at what customer reviews have done for sales at e-commerce giants like Amazon.

Also, by seeing what customers have to say, you can adjust your inventory, services, and image to meet the demand. You’ll get a personal understanding of what your customers really think and feel.

It’s Open Source

Open source means the code is freely available and can be modified and adapted to the individual users’ needs and specifications. That means it’s affordable for any size company.

However, you will likely need a Magento expert to adapt the code and get your e-commerce site up and running, or to update it. For example, if you want to update an existing e-commerce site from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you’ll want to hire an expert, such as Liventus.com. While Magento is easy to use, if you don’t know how to code, it could also be easy to break.

Those are just the five basic things you need to know about the Magento e-commerce platform. If you’re considering launching an e-commerce site, you can’t go wrong with Magento. It’s the number one e-commerce platform on the planet.

Of course, if you want to learn to code Magento yourself, there is much more to learn. But, as an online merchant, once you have someone knowledgeable get it up and running, it’s virtually maintenance-free and easy-to-use.

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