TOP 5 APPS IN 2021

TOP 5 APPS IN 2021

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1. Telegram- this amazing app was developed by two brothers Nikolai and pavel durov. Which was known as the most downloaded app worldwide for January 2021 with more than 63 millions downloads. it has a lot of features which you can use easily such as end-to-end encrypted, video calling, files sharing etc. telegram was launched on 14 August 2013 for iOS and in October 2013 for Android. all the features only work if you are connected to a good internet. it has two different features such as secret chats and lock chats which most of the apps don’t have .

2. Gbwhatsapp apk- This application is developed by Fouad Mokdad. It is a whatsapp MOD which provides you to chat with your contacts. There is a possibility to use two whatsapp account in a single phone. it have different visual themes over 4000 which is created by the community to modify the interface. it is totally safe to use as there is no news about its malware problems. You can pin up 100 chats at Gbwhatsapp. you can even make selective peoples to call you. but privacy is not guaranteed the developer can see all your sent and received messages. And speed is also slow if you will compare to original whatsapp.

3. Netflix- it is an American content platform. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide range of shows such as TV shows, award winning shows, web series, movies and many more on a internet-connected device while offline you can watch downloads. you can sign in multiple-compatible devices. Once you are subscribed you can enjoy unlimited documentaries, shows and web series. Netflix is not “NETFLIX ORIGINAL” with bonus content and deleted scenes which may you find in home releases such as DVD, Blu-ray. Even the i-tune subscribers can have special features. it is subscribed by huge number of people/teenagers.

4. Facebook- it was founded by Zuckerberg along with his classmates and students too at Harvard College also an American technology based on Menlo Park. it is a social networking site ease to connect with your friends and family members online .To use it you first need to sign in which means to create a profile. You can make new friends online. Even you can share your live location, find friends with their phone numbers and can react too. Timeline where you can view the users profile information and posted photos/videos shared. it is used by millions of peoples.

5. Snapchat- the most liked social media app. here people send photos and videos to each other which are known as snaps that are just deleted once you view. it have been a new camera as it makes you so pretty well. it came to work on 8 July 2011. Children before the age of 18 should avoid because parents won’t know their child activity. Snapchat creates money by snap-ads.

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