Why A Digitized Mail Solution Is Better For your Business

Why A Digitized Mail Solution Is Better For your Business

By: marysmith

Businesses are transitioning away from old-fashioned paper mail. Traditionally, methods for managing mail have been expensive with inefficient methods for managing it. Eco-Mail offers a modern, digital solution to mail processing that’s transforming how businesses handle inbound mail. Companies control costs, mitigate risks, ensure employee safety, and optimize document management with Eco-Mail’s digital mailroom solution.

Digital Mail Solution: Enhanced Security

One of the most persistent problems organizations have with paper mail is that it is difficult to control. It can be delivered to the wrong person or department or become available to someone who is not authorized. It can be stolen or misplaced en route to its destination. To mitigate these risks, you need a powerful corporate mail solution that problem-solves and streamlines every stage of its journey.

Digital Mail Solution: Faster Customer Response Time

Digital mail can speed up responses to your customers from a few days to just a couple of hours. In a fast-paced work environment, quick response times make a huge difference when it comes to efficiency and service. And when employees change positions, you can ensure that customer correspondence is still handled on time, and not lost.

Digital Mail Solution: Lower Overall Costs

At an enterprise scale, a substantial physical mail load and the associated costs of labor, storage, and sorting are a significant resource drain on businesses. Digitizing your inbound mail streamlines the process and removes layers of resource-intensive clerical work. Eco-Mail clients are shifting away from labor-intensive courier handling to save $1 or more per piece of mail.

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Digital Mail Solution: More Flexible and Scalable

With Eco-Mail, you get a reliable digital mail platform designed with the ever-changing business environment in mind. Digitizing your mail is an economical and streamlined solution to enhancing your business’s agility and scalability. Eco-Mail scales to over 100 million annual documents and its sophisticated rules engine is powered by guiding intelligence. Our unique model enables your routing rules to be customized based on your business processes and refined over time, providing an opportunity for continuous optimization.

Digital Mail Solution: Reduced Handling

Using a digital mailing solution dramatically reduces the risks and expenses associated with antiquated methods of handling physical mail. Mail is delivered securely to a center where it is processed away from your business. It is then scanned and sent electronically to the recipient eliminating health risks to employees. 

Digital Mail Solution Peace of Mind 

With Eco-Mail, you have a trusted team of mail processors opening, scanning, and sending to the appropriate recipients. Secure, streamlined document management and workflow integrations set Eco-Mail’s next-generation platform apart from digital solutions that can only do the bare minimum. 

Eco-Mail’s Integrated  Corporate Mail Solution

Inbound physical mail represents a critical opportunity for digital transformation, driving savings, productivity, and control in every corner of your organization. Eco-Mail is a modern digitized mail solution that delivers digital transformation tailored to the needs of enterprise businesses. 

Now is the time to solve the costly problem of inbound physical mail. With our advanced digital mailroom solution, incoming physical mail is digitized at high speed. Content is routed to its destination, and data is auto-extracted directly into workflows for seamless digital collaboration and control. Start optimizing your business with Eco-Mail today.

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