What is a Local Business Directory

What is a Local Business Directory

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A local business directory is a Web page that contains a list of businesses, including their name, address and phone number. Some directories also include images or short descriptions of the listed businesses, as well as links to their websites. Local business directories are often organized according to industry, location or both. A local business directory that’s organized by industry may be called a “yellow pages” directory, while one that’s organized by location may be called a regional directory.

Local business directories can be created by private individuals or companies that have an interest in promoting the featured businesses. For example, if you own a floral shop and you compile a list of all the flower shops in your area and post it on your website, then you’ve created a local business directory.

There are hundreds of local business directories in existence, some of which have been around for decades. These directories include both free and paid listings, though most prefer to offer both options to attract as wide an audience as possible.

Local business directories tend to be specific to a city or region within a state or province, and if a business is not located within that region, it’s not included in the directory.

A local business directory helps consumers find local businesses by category. For example, if you’re looking for a restaurant in your area, you can search the directory for restaurants in your zip code or city.

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Niche business directories typically focus on a particular industry, such as real estate or car sales, or a specific product category such as health and beauty products. Local business directories are often geographical and will only accept listings from businesses located in their catchment area.

General business directories like Yelp list businesses in different categories and industries. Typically, you can submit your business to these sorts of directory sites for free, but paid-for listings usually include additional features such as premium placement, better visibility or enhanced functionality like click-to-call buttons.

Some local business directories are a part of larger online directories which also include information about non-local businesses, such as global import/exports and online retailers. Some directories may also display customer reviews for certain businesses listed in the directory to give customers a better idea of what their experience at that business could be like.

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