What Do Players Prefer: To Play In A Polish Casino On The Phone Or On A PC?

What Do Players Prefer: To Play In A Polish Casino On The Phone Or On A PC?

By: marysmith

Although gambling is as old as humanity itself, the first game, the lottery, appeared in Poland only in the 18th century. But it took two centuries until the first casino was founded in the city of Sopot. Later, several other casinos opened in the biggest cities of Poland but had to shut down after World War II.

Polish gambling revived only in 1989 with the opening of the first modern casino in the country but the industry faced its downfall again in 2009. The spread of corruption in the online gambling sector forced the country to the Gambling Act according to which all types of gambling are illegal. Currently, online sports betting and lotteries are the only legal forms of gambling in Poland.

Despite the ban on online casinos, Polish players can enjoy the full array of casino games at foreign gambling sites. According to recent estimates, 60% of Poland’s online gambling market comprises foreign websites.

Now the most heated competition is between mobile and desktop versions of gambling sites. They have several common features, e.g., all casinos accept a favorite among Poles “kasyno online blik”, but there are differences as well. Let’s discuss how Polish players like to play casino games – on a PC or a phone.

3 Reasons Why Polish Gamblers Prefer Playing on a PC

  • Personal computers and laptops are most convenient for playing complex games. Usually, these games have complicated rules and require the player’s full attention and concentration. And the large screens are the best for this purpose as they help to focus easily.
  • Although modern smartphones impress with their speed and graphics, they can’t beat PCs. Personal computers help players enjoy the full casino experience as if they were playing at a land-based casino. Creating such an atmosphere is particularly essential when playing live dealer games.
  • The game selection in the desktop versions of online casinos is wider. The explanation is simple: personal computers have bigger storage and RAM. Due to these features games load on computers faster and players can enjoy the game without glitches or undesirable interruptions.

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3 Reasons Why Polish Gamblers Prefer Play On a Phone

  • Mobile devices are convenient for playing simple games that do not require special attention. For example, Polish players can play slots on their phones during lunch, on the bus, or even while walking with their pets.
  • Mobile casinos allow players to enjoy playing their favorite games anywhere, anytime. They are a perfect option for people with no time to sit in front of computers for hours. Luckily, you can carry your smartphone anywhere you go. The only condition is the availability of a stable and fast Internet connection.
  • People live on their phones and Polish players are no exception. According to recent statistics, 55% of gamblers worldwide play on their phones. So, the approach of gambling operators had to change too. Previously, they only developed the desktop version of the game and sometimes adjusted it for mobile devices. Nowadays, software development companies make sure all games are optimized for smartphones and operate smoothly on Android and iOS devices.


Though the role of desktop casinos has decreased over time, They remain the preferred version for many Polish gamblers. Personal computers have larger screens, bigger storage and RAM, and a  wider selection of games that allows players to concentrate and enjoy the game to the full. In other words, the desktop gives Polish players a complete casino experience.

On the other hand, mobile casinos beat the desktop version in terms of mobility, convenience, and popularity. Players can access the casino anywhere, anytime, and enjoy their favorite games. So, both desktop and mobile casinos are popular among Polish players but they choose the option that meets their needs best of all.

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