Utilize The Next Decade For Bigger Business Opportunities In Technologies


Take the opportunities of next decade by setting up a business now. You know what? Hong Kong is an international city, and hub between Mainland China businesses and international businesses. It has very established laws for a healthy business setup, and very attractive low tax rate which is often much lower than in the rest of the world. All you need to do is to go through the documents and application of a new Hong Kong company incorporation.

Most of the people in the world (only simply in Hong Kong) have the tendency to think things change at a lightening pace (that cannot be held on to) because of this ever forward-moving technology world in the last couple of years. It is only half true.

In reality, if you look at companies in tech and internet, they are Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Facebook has started over 15 years ago. Instagram has only been 10 years old. Google may have been officially around for some 21-22 years (without counting those years when they are branded as the Backrub search engine.

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You can keep up with stubbornness by arguing that they are actually American companies which has nothing to do in Hong Kong. But if you ask every Hong Kong persons, 1 out of 2 people must have been heavily using Instagram, Facebook, or Google whether it is through their smartphones, tablet devices, or laptop computers.

Do you feel old after hearing this story? But fortunately, technologies have not actually changed drastically. For example, the algorithms inside how Facebook determines a message posted by a user should be displayed or whether it may be displayed to how many users and who, got updated over the years. And the user interface of Facebook looks different to the Facebook in year one. But all these changes are incremental that people i.e. human are able to follow.

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It is because in these big tech companies they have very smart staffs and management people, and they are leading in their own industry. They would not easily keep changing their strategic business directions. This enables other people to figure out a trend or pattern, and this usually generates opportunities for new businesses to happen, whether it can be in the United States or Hong Kong.

In the coming years, many opportunities are still to going to come and go. They are well going to continue the growth of technologies and the companies. Why don’t you take the opportunities and make it happen for your company and career? The golden years of the start of the next decade of technology companies are still come.

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