TTWin for Windows: Features That You Should Look For!

TTWin for Windows: Features That You Should Look For!

By: marysmith

Excellent command-line interface has always lacked in Windows Operating System, therefore pushing programmers and system administrators look for third party alternatives that replicate Unix style consoles. It is the type of program which eliminates the functionalities of the traditional computer terminals. It enables a host computer to access the remote computer using a command line or graphical interface. The program also allows the host computer to run applications on the remote machine apart from accessing files on the other computer. If you are looking for a perfect terminal emulator then you can look for IBM as400 emulator at Turbosoft. However, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the necessary features of TTWin terminal emulator. Below mentioned are some features of the terminal emulator:

Full Keyboard Remapping:

The mapping of TTWin’s keyboard is very flexible. Users can easily map macros, hot sequences, text strings, or turbosoft terminal emulation NET keys to any key combination on a PC keyboard. Either the intuitive graphical keyboard mapper or the non-graphical method may be performed by keyboard mapping.

IPv6 Support:

IPv4 and IPv6 both are supported by TTWin’s. TTWin’s has the capability to make the transition whenever you need it.

Advanced Printing Supports:

Extensive support is there with TTWins for pass-through printing. TTwin also supports screen printing, allowing regions of the screen to be printed.


You can create your own hotspots providing a Windows Style of point and click style functionality. To simplify complex tasks, enhance productivity, and improve the user experience, all these hotspots can be employed.

Scripting Tools:

Automating tasks, improving the user experience, and enhancing legacy applications offered by TTWin’s powerful scripting language.

Comprehensive Character Set Support:

It has powerful character selection facilities to cater to the complex charter set requirement found in many languages. Full code page support comes with twin. It offers support for double-byte character fonts such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language fonts.

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