Top 5 Essential Tech Tools For Freelancers

Tech Tools

As a freelancer, it’s important to stay organized. You need to be able to manage your tasks in a way that enhances productivity and helps you deliver professional work in a timely manner.

Luckily, advances in technology means there are plenty of tools to help you do this.

If you want to organize your workflow,  increase efficiency, and stay organized, here are favorite tools by Writingjobz 

Top 5 tools every freelancer needs

Staying organized as a freelancer can be a challenge. However, being able to manage your tasks and your time is essential. It can make a huge difference to your success.

But, many freelancers find this overwhelming.

If this is the case, using the right tools can streamline the process so it becomes effortless. Here are the best tools around to enhance your productivity:


If you want to keep track of important tasks, details, and notes, Evernote is the best tool to do it. As soon as thoughts come to mind, you can easily jot them down as a reminder.

This technological tool is superior to alternatives like notepad because it can be accessed anywhere. As long as you have your login details, you can stay up-to-date from any location.


Time management is very important for freelancers. If you want to stay on top of tasks, Timely is a cloud-based app that automatically tracks how you spend your time.

This app can be used across all your devices and integrates your calendar, files, GPS, and other productivity apps. All this data is then used for tracking your time.


Streak is a system for CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It can be used to track and manage customers, leads, projects, and any other information you might need.

To get started, simply download the extension and add it to your Gmail app. Then, you can effectively manage your workload and progress.

This tool is a must for all freelancers – especially freelance writers – as you can manage all your clients in one place.


For organizing payments, we recommend Duo. This tool provides payment solutions that are seamless and highly secure – it’s perfect for all freelancers and businesses!

You can keep track of all your payments on the dashboard. Plus, it’s a fast, simply way to organize your payment details in a highly effective manner.


Last but not least, Ommwriter is a really handy tool to help with concentration. Many freelancers struggle to stay focused. This app helps you stay in the right state of mind.

This can enhance your productivity by keeping you in the right mindset to finish tasks.


No doubt, technology has changed the way we do things. It’s impacted how businesses are run and how work is delivered.

If you want to keep up, it’s important to have the right tools to maximize your effectiveness.

With these tools, freelancers can stay organized, streamline their working processes, and create a good workflow system for prompt, high-quality delivery of work.

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