Tips To Score 80% In Class 12 Maths Exams

Tips To Score 80% In Class 12 Maths Exams

By: marysmith

Scoring a perfect 100 might not be that easy, but it is not unsolvable. Surely, one cannot score this satisfying score by studying overnight or a day before the test. There has to be a full evidence strategy and plan, which can only be erected throughout the time to score a perfect 100 or indeed above 90.

Are you floundering on how to prepare calculi for board examinations? It is time to take a sigh of relief as then we have concluded some simple CBSE 12th mathematics medication tips. Maths is a scoring subject in Class 12th board examinations but it needs regular practice and clearing of concepts. Hence, it is necessary to apply these CBSE 12th preparation tips for mathematics in your schedule to score high and follow them tightly. These CBSE Class 12 Maths preparation tips are created with the help of experts. Following these tips helps students to get good marks in the CBSE 12th board examinations. Read the complete article to know in detail about how to prepare for class 12 maths board examinations and get some important CBSE class 12 maths last-minute tips.

CBSE Board 12th Maths Preparation Tips:

Understand the Contents and Weightage of the Syllabus:

It is largely recommended that students preparing for CBSE Class 12 Maths Board Test should first concentrate on units with maximum weightage in the board test, because it will help to boost your confidence, and ultimately lay a foundation for you to move on to more delicate topics.

Go Through with Syllabus:

A good preparation strategy can be veritably helpful to complete the class 12 maths test. Students start with getting familiar with CBSE Class 12 syllabus in depth. Cover all the topics and concepts by making a proper study plan in order to clear the exam successfully.

Get Familiar with Paper Pattern:

After understanding the syllabus, it is time to get familiar with the exam pattern. This CBSE Class 12 Maths Preparation Tips will help in understanding the test plan of action, type of questions asked, marking scheme and the no. of questions asked. With this, students can fluently make their strategy to attack the examination effectively. CBSE board provides 30% internal choice in 4 marks and 6 marks questions so you can solve questions as per your choice. There will be only 3 hours to solve the 29 questions that carry a total of 100 marks. It would be better to go through the CBSE 12th question papers to know the difficult position and exact paper pattern.

Fix a Timetable and Follow it Rigorously:

The next thing to concentrate on while preparing for class 12th board examinations is to work on time governance. You should maintain a time- table for your studies and give equal time to all subjects. A deadline must be set for each subject and you must try to complete your studies within the time limit. This can help you manage time for all the subjects in a proper way. It gives you comprehensive theory, answers Class 12 Maths NCERT Book PDF exercises, practice questions from previous board examinations, model test papers and a lot more.

Be Confident and Stay Positive:

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Three months is enough for 12th board preparation, provided you stay confident and positive. Exercise your mind with positive thoughts and start your studies with confidence without taking much stress from the syllabus. Just suppose for a moment that you have 90 days and if you allocate each day dashingly, you can easily prepare your entire syllabus. Prepare for the CBSE Champion Series and boost your confidence. The series gives a topic-wise analysis of previous year’s papers, which highlights the topics with further weightage and with further chances to appear in the test. Practice questions of important topics and be more confident for the test.

Practice Sample Papers And Previous Year Papers:

Observers follow a pattern of repetition for specific important questions a number of times, which is why it is very important to go through the previous year papers. Make sure that you solve the last few year papers on a timer; it will improve your speed, logical capability, and time operation skills.

Presentation is Very Important:

Neat work is a non-flexible perk that always benefits a student. Make sure to label the graphs and figures properly. Avoid overwriting and scribbling, if you have made a mistake also strike it off and start from below. Always leave some space between two questions, and start a new section on a fresh runner.

Clear all Doubts:

Doubts can seriously damage a lot whether it is minor or major. It would be better to be clear with the concepts. Maths is an interesting subject unless you are working on questions efficiently, but when you get stuck with any question then you will feel weary with it. Try to exercise all types of questions to be clear with the concepts.

Self- Evaluation:

As a step toward feeling lower anxiety, start by admitting your slate areas and your weakness. Devote further time to perfecting them rather than making you feel bad about it. Maintaining a peaceful frame of mind is more significant than any preparation.

Time Operation:

The reading time is the most crucial and must be used judiciously. This involves reading the paper completely, especially the ones involving statements, underlining keywords and also choosing the most scoring questions grounded on your understanding. However, leave some space and keep moving forward, if you are stuck on a question. You can readdress it later with a fresh mind. Always keep a 15-20 minutes buffer time for revising and rectifying your answers at the end.

CBSE Class 12 Maths Last Minute Tips:

  • Utilize the initial 15 minutes in analysing the question paper.
  • Solve the questions that are easy and can be answered efficiently without any problem.
  • Don’t stick to one question for too long, if you don’t know how to solve it?
  • Try to write in steps and keep the sheet clean with specific answers.
  • In the last 15 minutes, revise your paper and rectify the mistake.
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