How to Score 90% in Class 9 Exams?

How to Score 90% in Class 9 Exams?

Appearing for examinations is not one of the things that anyone really enjoys. The pressure of studying everything in the syllabus for each subject in time and not forgetting any of it until your exam, recalling everything and writing correct answers during the exam, achieving good grades, all of it can be really stressful. However, every student hopes and aims to score well in their exams. Achieving a good exam result is important for all, not only because it promotes the students to the next educational level but also helps assess how much the students actually learn and understand. It is a well-known fact that academic excellence is a crucial factor in determining a successful career in most fields.

To be one of the top scorers in your class, it is important to make sure that you are doing everything on your part that can help you do well in the exams. Often some students face difficulty only in understanding certain subjects while some may find it difficult to write solutions that answer exactly what has been asked in the questions. Whatever the obstruction may be between you and good scores in the exams, it can all be solved with certain changes in your preparatory methods. Following some simple tips and making small changes in the way you study and learn can result in a drastic shift in your performance during the exams.

Class 9 is an important part of our educational system. A lot of new concepts are introduced in all of the subjects as students get into Class 9. Mathematics and Science can especially seem tougher for many students. To be able to ace each subject in grade 9, it is crucial that students try to understand all the concepts that are a part of the syllabus. Everything that is taught in Class 9 is important for building a base that will be required in the higher classes and competitive exams that one may appear for in the future. Another reason why it is important to score well is that Class 9 is basically preparing students for the Board exams that take place in Class 10. If students are not thorough with the concepts taught in Class 9, they may face a lot of difficulty during Class 10 and the Board exams.

However, there is no need to be worried or stressed about not being able to achieve good scores in your Class 9 exams. We provide here some simple and easy tips that can help students achieve a good understanding of the syllabus and be able to use this understanding in scoring well in the exams.

Simple Tips To Follow During The Preparation

1. Know Your Syllabus and Make a Timetable

The first step before you begin your preparation for the Class 9 exams, it is important to be aware of your syllabus for each subject. This will help you be aware of any changes or reductions made to the syllabus and you can start preparing accordingly. The next part of this step should be making a timetable according to the vastness of each subject’s syllabus. While preparing the timetable for studying, keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses in each subject and divide the time you spend on them accordingly. Give at least 2 hours of each day to subjects like Maths and Science, and 1 hour each for all the other subjects.

2. Focus on the NCERT Books

Chandigarh Education Department to hold offline exams for Class 9-11  students

The books published by NCERT are the main source of reference for all students studying under the CBSE curriculum. These books are the best study material that students can refer to during their preparation. This is because the teachers are guided by CBSE to prepare question papers that are strictly based on the syllabus covered in the NCERT books only. Hence, the majority of the questions in your Class 9 exams will be based on the material that has been provided in these books and if you are well versed with it, nothing can stop you from answering all the questions correctly in your exams.

3. Solve NCERT Questions

The NCERT books not only provide study material but also in-text questions for all chapters. These questions are meant to assess how much you have learned and understood from your reading of the chapters. These questions are also important since they are often directly asked in the question papers for the Class 9 exams. If you know how to accurately solve the NCERT questions, you can rest assured that you will be able to easily answer the questions that are a part of the exams. In case you face any difficulty in solving any of the questions provided in the books, you can always refer to NCERT Solutions provided by Vedantu.

4. Reference Books for Maths

Mathematics can be a tough subject for many students. Especially in Class 9 since there are a lot of new concepts, rules, formulas, etc. that students need to learn and understand their application in solving the questions. While students should first focus on finishing the Class 9 Maths NCERT, once they are done and need extra practice for the subject, they can refer to other books like RD Sharma for Class 9 Maths. This reference book is well known among all teachers and students for helping students have a strong preparation before their Maths exam. In case you face any difficulty in solving the questions provided in this book, you can refer to RD Sharma Class 9 Solutions provided by Vedantu for help in understanding the solutions.

5. Practice & Revise

It is crucial that you understand the importance of help by regular practice and revision before your exams take place. Practising and revising everything that you have studied will help you make sure that you do not forget anything when you appear for your Class 9 exams. It will also help you enhance your understanding of the different concepts you learn about in Class 9. Hard work put into regularly practising will never provide you disappointing results.

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