Things To Consider Before Buying The Best 8-Inch & 10-Inch Subwoofers


Subwoofers are the dire need of everyone, and whether it is your car or your home, it is a must thing to have. As music is the best companion while setting off on a journey or even when you are reading your favorite book, you will never want to stop your playlist playing in the background. Right? But finding the best size that can fulfill your need and satisfy your desire is a bit challenging task. Typically, a pair of subwoofers of 8 inches or 10 inches is used, and that is why I am here to differentiate both so that you can make a fair choice and buy the one that can totally please you and work amazingly when you fit them in a sweet spot. So, Read more to find out which size of subwoofers can be the best and most appropriate for you.

What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying 8 Inches Subwoofers?

Music is like a mood changer and enhancer as when you feel low, music will change your dull mood, and if you are happy, it will make you happier. So, one must never compromise over the quality of sound. Every music lover craves for clear and louder bass that can make him dance, right? If you are one such person, you must know all the considerations that one should make before buying the best 8 inches subwoofers. So, let us move towards them.

Design And Structure

In terms of looks, the 8 inches subwoofer never fails to beat other speakers. When you install your subwoofers, you will see how beautifully they are adorning your place. Even your friends would not be able to take their eyes off of this mesmerizing pair of speakers. Also, your speakers will work as a piece of decoration in your home. So, if you are one of them who wants their speakers to be the best even in regards to appearance, you must go for the best 8 inches subwoofers.

Power Capacity

Your subwoofers’ power potential is a substantial factor to be considered if you want to make your purchase valuable. Know that the power capacity of your speakers may be of MAX power or RMS power. Considering your speakers’ power capacity as RMS power, it determines the strong compatibility of your speakers against it. On the other hand, if your stereo system is packed with a MAX power source, you can enjoy battery run for an extended time period.

Voice Coils

While buying subwoofers of 8 inches, I suggest you go for a dual voice coil- being the most efficient one. It will help in differentiating a subwoofer into two separate voice coils with a genuine connection. Additionally, if you have more information about voice coils, it can make your work a lot easier.

Amplifier Support

Make sure the amplifier supports your subwoofers because if they both are not compatible with each other, your speakers will not function appropriately. Also, if it is not compatible, you will have to spend extra money on buying a separate one.


The sensitivity of your subwoofers helps in accomplishing the best results. The sensitivity and power capacity of any sound system are interrelated. Thus, the higher the sensitivity, the lower the power used. Therefore, make sure you are buying the one after considering it thoroughly.


Portability is an exceptionally colossal factor to put your attention on! If you purchase 8 inches compact subwoofers, it will be significantly simpler to take them with you while going. The bulkier the sound system, the more convoluted it will be to carry it. Thus, if you need something convenient and practical, go for the best 8 inches subwoofers.

What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying 10 Inches Subwoofers?

Bigger means louder! Yes, if you think that 8 inches subwoofers are not enough to reach the bass you want, the only alternative left for you is to go for bigger ones. So, here I am with a buying guide to the best 10 inches subwoofers for your car or home, wherever you want to set your music system.

Power Capacity

As the more power capacity your subwoofers can handle, the more appropriate working of it will be. For easier power handling, RMS power is appreciated. While purchasing a subwoofer, you need to ensure that the external amplifiers can deal with the predefined intensity of power. Simultaneously, a high level of power doesn’t really mean a better quality of sound. A powerful subwoofer can wind up under-powered, and this can influence its general effectiveness.


Subwoofers with higher sensitivity will require less capacity to convey a particular degree of sound than woofers with a lower sensitivity. It relies upon various variables, including the cone’s structure, and the makers deliberately adjust it. Sensitivity is frequently mistaken for the model’s productivity, despite the fact that they are actually various ideas. When all is said in done, any point under 84 dB demonstrates a low sensitivity level, while 92 dB or higher estimations are viewed as acceptable.


Voice Coils

Subwoofers mostly accompany double or single-voice coils. Just like 8 inches subwoofers, a single voice coil does not deliver preferable sound over the dual one. So, I will suggest you go for dual voice coils.


As 10 inches subwoofers are bigger than the 8 inches woofers, they are heavy in weight and challenging to carry out.

What Is The Difference Between Inches Subwoofers & 10 Inches Subwoofers?

8 Inches Subwoofers

  • Compact
  • Smaller in size
  • Easy to install
  • Easily fit in your car’s factory location
  • Less expensive

10 Inches Subwoofers

  • Heavy and bigger
  • Greater bass than 8 inches sub
  • Saves a ton of space
  • Sturdier buildup than 8 inches woofers


obviously, the latest model of every product is way better than the previous one, and so does the 10 inches subwoofers. But keep in mind that 8 inches woofers are also no less in any respect. So, make sure you choose the one that you want and if you want more related information, visit us at

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