Things I Buy As a Minimalist

Things I Buy As a Minimalist

By: marysmith

As a minimalist, we most often talk about things that we don’t need or things that we regret buying, but what about the things we absolutely should spend money and storage space on? I’m talking about the things we absolutely should invest in to make life more functional, prettier, or just more enjoyable.

A good lipstick

Out of all the makeup, lipstick is the most fun and makes the biggest difference. If you ask me if I’m in a bad mood and feeling tired or just wanted instant pick-me-up, just smacking on some lipstick always makes me feel brighter. I think it’s because it’s making a little bit of an effort you know, brushing your hair and filling in your lips. Like you’re signaling to yourself that you’re refusing to be sad and mopey. For me, my absolute favorite type of lipstick is strong matte in a red that goes towards orange rather than pink or purple. Whatever you do, you also feel that much more awake but with a little bit of lifting.

A Durable Mobile Phone

We can not live in the modern world without a phone. I have been using honor x7a 5g for a long time. This phone comes with a resolution of 1600 by 720. It may not be as sharp as some previous models, but it’s quite solid for most users like me. The pixel five screens can increase the refresh rate to 90 Hertz. Of course, it’s a treat for the eyes. It protects your eyes with multiple eye protection modes. I think I would use it for many more years.


Jewelry is important to complete an outfit. My favorite brand is Monica vander, which with gorgeous Lux design. You should know that their gold and silver are 100% recycled, and the gemstones and diamonds are ethically sourced. Plus all the packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable. They are also 100% carbon neutral and have a repair and reward program with a five-year warranty on all pieces as well as a lifetime repair service. Recycled recyclable, repairable, ethically sourced, and carbon neutral. What’s not to love?

An External Hard Drive

Everybody has an external hard drive is my personal way of keeping all my information backed up somewhere, without having to keep any of that information on my devices taking up space. I have one terabyte SanDisk SSD that I use to back up any photos from my phone that I care to keep, as well as backing things up like important bank information or anything like that. It can store any electronic information that I don’t want to keep on my phone, or my computer will just be kept safe on its hard drive. One reason I went with an SSD over a traditional hard drive is its long lifespan. Now one can argue that if I ever lost or damaged this hard drive, all my backup information would be gone forever. And to that, I say yes. Or at least I have less to declutter.

Comfy Trousers

Working from home like I always do quarantine or no quarantine. I don’t want to succumb to the pajama bottoms or sweatpants look because I feel like if I don’t at least moderately dress up in proper clothes, I don’t take the word they ask seriously. I’ve always been this way used to feeling better and smarter and more awake if I wear more officially. I have black trousers I bought about a year ago, which are the perfect example of smart-looking clothes that are almost as comfy as my pajamas.



Here are 5 items I would never declutter in my life. Hope you find something useful.

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