How To Make A Logo Online?

How To Make A Logo Online?

By: marysmith

The logo is very important in business. This is part of the visual presentation of your product. Without a logo, the business is not complete. If the logo correctly represents the brand, then the business wins, gets more profit.

This can be done by using online tools. We have collected the best of it.

Fiverr Logo Designers

We checked out several different designers on Fiverr to see what quality we can get in different price categories. In general, we are satisfied with the work of the platform. Here you can get a logo for just $ 5!


99designs services are more expensive than most of the services on our list, but for this money you will get excellent quality, especially if you need a designer for a long-term project. You will be able to hold a competition for almost any design project – from logos to product packaging and book covers.

Wix Logo Maker

The logo editor provides complete freedom for creativity — you can choose your own colors and fonts and place various logo elements as you like. Since the tool itself is completely free to use, you can create an unlimited number of logos. You will not have to make a payment if you are dissatisfied with the result.


You can hold logo design contests in DesignCrowd and get several options to choose from, but we went the other way: work directly with the designer. With the cheapest package, we didn’t have the opportunity to choose my own designer, but we decided to pay extra to get one of the best designers, which was a reasonable decision. The service also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


What we liked most about the Looka constructor is that it generates logos that look really good. Once you choose the Turbologo you like, it may turn out that you almost don’t have to change anything.


This is an advanced tool for designers. But there are simpler options for newbies on this site. The tool’s services are almost completely free.

Tailor Brands

A simple logo designer for developing your brand is ideally suited for bloggers and small business owners Intuitive and intuitive logo editor: a great option for beginners Tailor Brands became my personal favorite. We like both the process of creating a logo and the ease of working in the editor.


Using artificial intelligence, good logos are generated here. This is a simple way to create a logo, but it is effective.


Don’t worry if you don’t have any design experience: the DesignEvo editor is very simple. There is no wizard here who asks you questions and generates several logos based on the answers; but you can search for logo templates in the library to find the most suitable one.

The Logo Company

The Logo Company service is slightly different from other services from our list. After you register, you will need to fill out a detailed questionnaire about what result you want to get. Then 5 experienced designers will start working on your logo, and you will be able to choose one of five different concepts.

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