Social media for Kids

By: Aiza Gill

The growth and popularity of the social network are undeniable. The number of people engaging in online social networking today is getting bigger each day. Over the past several years, the overall engagement in online social networking has its roots grow all over the world. Studies report a regular and significant increase in the online social network usage, especially among teens and young adults. There is a tremendous shoot-up in the number of kids involved in social networking sites, perhaps leading to a surge of media attention, economic investment and new websites/platforms development.

Today, there are both more and different kinds of social networking websites, and we (especially as parents) need a broader definition to make a reckoning of these websites. For example, virtual worlds and games for children have grown in number and popularity. It serves as an assembly point for children to interact online, socialise and play. While there are websites focusing on creative designs, project-sharing for children, none of them come across a safe online platform for children to mingle with one another.

Meanwhile, young adults and teens are by far the most systematically studied, younger age groups are often understudied and under reported even though there are websites targeted to children and surprisingly are proliferating in numbers and gaining recognition. Perhaps, we need to make a headway for a better understanding of the ways that these digital technologies arbitrate kids, socializing as well as the relative opportunities and limitations for their involvement in them.

Sometimes, we as parents work so hard to give our kids what we didn’t have, but sometimes we forget to give what we do have. Well, Adorable Kids Club is one such social media platform which enables children to have the sense of self, inculcate them with a better understanding of technology and most importantly, it’s secure and staunch beside providing them with a cultural peek via stories and other features.

Adorable Kids Club is a platform which believes that each individual regardless of age or circumstances must be able to make a choice and have control over their own lives. Although by this we are not implying that children should be treated as adults and we should let them make decisions for themselves. No, our motto is to let the child know that we are compassionate and we only want the best for them. The best way to let them feel confident is when they feel empowered. There are not many kids social networking websites on the internet, the ones available are not up to standard to let the kids express their talents and hone their existing skills. Adorable Kids Club is a new kid-friendly social network, where children can update their status, add friends, message their peers, share photos, homework and get involved in many activities.

This Kids Only website ensures the security and fulfils the standards of being staunch enough for parents to let their kids who might be too young and impressionable for websites like Facebook, access Adorable Kids

We understand that as parents our first instinct is always to take care and protect our children from any possible harm. We want our kids to see the world, but from behind our loving and safe arms. Although as children grow up, they want to experience and explore more that is out there in the world, while we all are aware that change is inevitable, the right thing is to take measures to monitor those changes and bring the best out of them. Adorable Kids Club is a safe haven for your kids, to grow, connect and nurture in a protected and kid-friendly environment.

The bottom line of the entire dialogue about kid’s social networking practices is that irresponsible use of Internet creates a dangerous cyberspace which puts children’s safety at risk. It is our responsibility to protect children from potential risks in social networks and the virtual world and helps them to make a safely connected social networking environment. Perhaps, we have to increase security and watch out for our children while allowing them to grow with their peers.

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