3 Biggest Updates That Threw Instagram Into The Limelight

By: marysmith

Instagram has been and will always be one of the pioneer social media platforms that forever changed the world. Through time, Instagram has adapted fast and well to changes which is a testament to its prowess. Instagram can be considered as one of the first superpowers in the App Store because of its unique selling point. The app aimed to be a photo-sharing app where people could post pictures for everyone to see and react to. To provide people with more reach on Instagram, the app forged connections with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

However, as years passed, competitors also rose to the occasion and dared to challenge the supremacy of this app in the social media world. In response to this, Instagram released some of the most controversial and most ingenious updates for its users.


Although quite confidential due to its uncanny similarities to Snapchat, the stories feature did create waves when it came out. This update plainly embodied the dominance of Instagram because up to this day, the feature still stands toe to toe with its apparent original, Snapchat. Lately, they have also added face filters and self-destructing messages which both bear witness to the fact that one way or another, the name of Instagram will never go down easily.

Direct Messaging

Rather than to nourish its connections with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, Instagram chose to expand and create its own messaging platform. The platform comes with the app and can be used to share Instagram posts and upload images. The update was revolutionary because it was one of the first steps that Instagram took to level up as an all-in-one app rather than just being a photo-sharing platform.

Filter Updates

Some say that Instagram and its filters produced a new generation of photographers. Through these filters, people started to explore photography more and ultimately inspired a new breed of photographers who could create stunning images with the use of their phones. Filters and its continuous update propelled Instagram and photography to reach the mainstream masses. pozytywne opinie google Filter updates truly shook the world and greatly sparked new interests in the minds of people.

Instagram, more than being a phone application, subconsciously became a tool for change. The app brought something new to the table and it sparked a new interest in the minds of people. Although these are only 3 of the numerous big updates that Instagram has released over time, it cannot be denied that the application really has greatly affected the world one way or another.

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