Rust: What Is the Easiest Way to Learn It?

Rust: What Is the Easiest Way to Learn It?

By: marysmith

There are many great programming languages, but Rust may be one of the best. It’s fun to learn, you can improve your software development skills, and it has a very welcoming community. And if you’re wondering where to start, this article is for you.

Why Would You Learn Rust?

We will not claim that all software companies are looking for Rust developers. However, that may be true in a few years or so. Right now, Rust is popular for several reasons.

At one point, it is perfect for dealing with things like memory management and expressive types; knowing how to work with them will undoubtedly make you a better programmer. This means that Rust can give you more than most other programming languages from the position of understanding facilities for complicated issues.

Although Rust is not as powerful as Haskell, it has excellent support for macros that you can try out while learning Rust. On top of that, Rust has a massive community of helpful people and lots of tutorials, which is good news for beginners.

How to Learn Rust?

While no one would think less of you me if you start with an official Rust book (that is indeed a reasonable choice), there is a better and more practical way.

Learning a language from a book is a journey that often stops somewhere around page 70. That’s why we recommend gaining practical skills before taking the long journey on the way to reading Rust tutorials.

First of all, check out one of the introductory guides to Rust: A Half-Hour Study of Rust (text), Tour of Rust (interactive), or Rust Crash Course (video). This should familiarize you with Rust’s syntax and the basics of the language. After that, practice programming with Exercism (an online, open-source, free coding platform that offers code practice) to improve your Rust skills.

Any time you feel like you’re almost ready to create basic apps, just do it. There are several good online communities where you can ask for feedback and support, so don’t be afraid to get familiar with them.

Below we’ll talk about other books for learning Rust. Each has a short description so you can decide which are helpful to you and which aren’t.

Books About Rust

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The Rust Programming Language

The Rust Programming Language is the official book containing all the language’s basics. If you want to learn Rust, you’ll find all the information you need here, and it’s pretty easy to read.

Rust By Example

Rust By Example is a set of executable examples that cover more or less the same functions as the official Rust book. It can be an excellent place to find examples of how to use a particular function.

The Rust Cookbook

The Rust Cookbook contains practical code examples that solve some of the basic programming tasks you might do with Rust. However, the collection does seem somewhat random.

Easy Rust

Easy Rust is a book originally intended for people whose native language is not English, but honestly, many people will find it easier to learn Rust from it. The official book is a bit boring, and while this book could use a little editing to get a definite recommendation, we think it is much more accessible.

If you want more experience with language, Exercism (that we already mentioned) is a great option. We would recommend starting practicing as early as possible because it is a fantastic way to solidify concepts and complete tasks without worrying about what to build. We hope these books and resources help you on your journey, and we wish you the best of luck exploring Rust.

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