LumaFusion: 4 Features That You Should Know About

By: marysmith

Now that everyone has access to different apps and software, video editing apps have become one of the most popular apps that are being downloaded today. Since many of these apps have a mobile version, installing one on your smartphone is fast and straightforward. There are tons of video editing apps that you will find, but there’s one that stands out among the rest.

One of the most sought-after video editing apps for mobile video editing today is LumaFusion. It has a new version that makes the editing app bigger and even better. The latest version is said to have better features to give its users a better experience and make their videos more professional. In this article, we will show you four features that you should know about.

What is LumaFusion?

The LumaFusion App was created by Lumatouch, a team that consists of video editing professionals. Lumatouch’s goal for this app is to provide a better experience for other creative enthusiasts and professionals. For only $29.99, you will get access to an app full of features you will not find on any other mobile video editing application.

Suppose you are already familiar with mobile video editing. In that case, you know that there are a lot of apps that have certain limitations, and other features can’t be maximized. With LumaFusion, it’s different. You will get a comprehensive tool that is easy enough to understand, especially with first-time video editors. If this interests you, here are the features of LumaFusion.


Upon purchasing LumaFusion, you will instantly get access to its editing tool. For its features, you can have six audio/video for your photos, videos, and graphics. You also have six audio tracks for sound effects, narration, and music. You have a magnetic timeline with extended features, tons of transitions, and track headers for different tracks.

Media Library

For the media library, you can import multiple media files from different cloud storage. You can also use the “Open In” to import all of the compatible files from your mail and other applications. The app also allows you to download all of your media stored from your library and into the app. You can select multiple clips to your timeline and color tag them.


For audio features, you can listen to your project while adjusting the track levels and adding audio filters. You can also select tracks from different track files that are perfect for recordings. You can change the keyframe audio levels and panning to achieve the ideal mix. You can also decrease the background music during a dialog with the Auto-ducking feature.


If you want to add effects to your videos, you will have access to a layer of multiple styles, pixel effects, distortion, and color effects. You can add unlimited keyframes that allow you to animate the effects or color at any frame. A full-color correction and you can also see all of the changes you made with the real-time preview of all effects and edits.


There you have it, some of the features that you will get to enjoy when you start using LumaFusion for editing your videos. The features of LumaFusion are not limited to the ones mentioned above. There is still a lot that you will find when you start using the app.

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