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A Quick Emoji Guide: Knowing Their Meanings

By: marysmith

Nowadays, people use technology to communicate with other people digitally, which’s achievable because we have our smartphones and applications. With the generation that we have, people are always using emojis whenever they send their messages to show emotions. Emojis can also be used as your means to link with others, which you can put life and add meaning to your texts. With many emojis that you can access, it’s easy to add life and color to your messages.

The use of an emoji can deliver emotions and feelings without using any words at all. Since you can choose to use multiple emojis, there are instances that you might not know their meaning and how to use them. But with this guide, we will provide the essence of your favorite emojis. With that, here’s what you need to about some emojis.

Fingers Crossed Emoji 🤞

The fingers crossed emoji can portray the hand gesture, which means showing your desired outcome or wishing luck. People also use it to ask for God’s protection, and some use this emoji to excuse themselves from telling a white lie.

This emoji type was introduced in 2016, and it’s primarily called the Fingers Crossed Emoji, but some people refer to it as a Good Luck Emoji.

Heart with Arrow Emoji 💘

The emojis developers have to introduce the heart with arrow emoji in the year 2010, and ever since, people are calling it the cupid emoji. A pink-colored heart that’s pierced with an arrow, which enters from above and goes out to the left part. Its meaning might be falling in love, passion, desire, romance, or love.

People commonly use it during Valentines’ Day, but others also use this emoji when they are courting someone or sending romantic messages by people who are in love. Besides that, it can also be used to show an intense passion for something or a person.

Purple Heart Emoji 💜

If you want to show love or affection to other people, then this is the perfect emoji for that. The emoji shows a purple heart, which looks so pretty and pure. The meaning of this emoji type might be admiration, affection, or love for someone special.

Another thing, ladies can also use this emoji as a maternal meaning because of the beautiful visual and color. People can use and add it to their messages during mothers’ day, and moms can also use it to show care and affection for their kids. Today, the generation can also use the purple heart emoji as a decoration for their message and send it to others.


It’s common for us to use different emojis because it can add life to our messages.  It’s more exciting and fun to send messages because there is a lot of emojis to choose from. It’s also a handy tool that we always use, which now people embrace it as a part of every communication. If you wish to deliver a beautiful message to a friend, flirt with someone, or add emotions to your texts, then you might need to use suitable emojis to achieve those things.

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