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By: Aiza Gill

WordPress is a free open source web application system. Over recent years it has grown in importance and popularity for people and businesses who want to create and maintain a personal use website or a small business website. In the past doing these things required coding knowledge and skill but now things are a lot easier with the cheap web hosting WordPress offers. No matter whether you have programming knowledge or not, or even with very little technical understanding, a person can create a website that contains several pages and is easy to modify, update, delete or add to as you see fit. With more people using WordPress as their chosen platform it becomes necessary too to use a web hosting company that is suitable.

Free Hosting or Paid for Hosting?

If the site you are creating is a recreational or personal website then you would do just fine with a free hosting platform. But if you are looking for a professional website with a reliable WordPress web hosting service that is best for your credibility that tends to mean looking more at platforms that you pay for. The free options do not offer everything that you would want for a business. With WordPress most good providers are completely capable of hosting the site, but check to see before you hire any just in case. You will also need to consider looking for cheap domain name registration.

How Many Resources Do You Need?

This plays quite a big role in which hosting you end up choosing. A lot of shared hosting options will offer unlimited resources and even a more affordable or cheap web hosting WordPress service might too. When you need to consider the security of your customer’s information and other important concerns to do with running a business you might move more towards dedicated servers rather than shared. You also need to consider the bandwidth you need depending on the kind of traffic you have now and what it might grow into over the next year or two. Keep in mind you should be able to change your plan for bandwidth should you need if your business sees an increase in visitors.

Think About Your Future Needs Too

As well as considering what future bandwidth you might require if your business grows and your site becomes popular, also consider whether there is room to change and grow elsewhere. Can you change the theme, make upgrades, add content easily? Are there promises of up-time? If your site is your business and the host keeps having to take downtime for various reasons, when your customers find you are not available they might not all stay loyal. Especially if it is a common problem.


In some cases you can do a cheap domain name registration and then find a great host for your WordPress website. Even when you are looking for affordability is a big factor you should still look for a platform that is reputable and has the kind of services and features you need.

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