The Legend Surrounding The Celtic Cross

By: marysmith

The Celtic cross is famous in Ireland and Scotland due to its history which is of immense importance. The cross is a representation of the Dark Age mystery and secrecy that has come up from Ireland. It is a sign that means faith, power, courage and mystery whether the person follows any religion, be it Christianity, or pagan or any other religion. It is not necessary that a person has to follow Christianity belief for wearing this necklace. Many people wear Celtic cross necklace as a fancy piece of   www.TOO necklace or a casual wear around their neck, apart from some people who believe in Christianity. It is also available in a number of design sin the market and as well as online sites.

If you are looking in for a cool design of this kind of necklace, you can go in for buying Sterling silver Celtic cross necklace. The necklace features a cross pendant which is popular and is typically of the same design as that of a cross. Lightly curved bands having four arms are woven altogether to form a design of a cross as the form of a perfect pendant. This pendant has a pattern of stars engraved on it. The pendant has a jump round ring attached to it on its top so that one can pass a thread or a thin chain that can be passed through it.

What does it represent?

The cross figure of the pendant has four arms that is believed to represent many things. Some believe that it represents the four directions of navigation while some believe it represents the four important and essential parts of an individual like mind, soul, heart and body. There are many other connotations and theories related to its symbolic figure believed by people. The diamond cutting in the shape of stars adds a sparkle to the pendant and the cross. It is light weighted and is easily available in many countries like USA, Ireland, Canada, etc. you can verify whether it is a real piece carved out by checking the hallmark sign on the sterling silver pendant.

It is one of the most prestigious and powerful symbols of heritage of Ireland. Many people believe that it represents the Roman god, the sun called Invictus. This is worn as a neckpiece so that it is close to the heart of a person and since it is a symbol of unending love and eternity. Hence, people go in for wearing it in the best kind of design suitable as per their choices and preferences.

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