How To Use Call Recording To Improve Customer Service

By: marysmith
Are you looking for ways to improve customer service? Here are the best ways on how to use call recording to improve customer service effortlessly.

1 – Taking Notes

It’s hard to take notes when speaking to a customer on the phone. Knowing that the call is being recorded takes the pressure off. After the call, you can listen to the recording then add the notes to the clients’ files. Taking notes after a call is also a good way to deal with difficult callers. When the customer calls again, the next customer service agent will have a full record of what happened the last time so they will not go through it again.

2 – Clearing Disputes And Complaints

Is there a customer claiming that they were promised something that was never delivered? Is the client claiming that the customer service agent was unclear or misleading on the phone? Recorded calls should help clear the problem immediately. The recording works as facts and evidence so you have an idea of what went on. Also, you can make an informed decision on how to deal with the problem. You can give into the customers’ demands or explain the mistake calmly.

3 – Getting Insights Into Customer Behaviour

All the hours recorded from customer calls allows staff to understand their customers. They can sympathise with their issues and solve their problems efficiently from recorded calls. Use the call recordings to create different customer personas.

4 – Continuous Improvement Of Staff Skills

Your customer service reputation can make or break your company. Some brands are known for their excellent customer service. It is actually a good selling point for their businesses. To get to this level, you need to take advantage of customer call records. Call Recording Quality Monitoring Software | Improve Customer Service

5 – Better Quality Control

Supervisors can’t listen to all ongoing calls at once. Therefore, call recordings are useful when it comes to helping managers monitor standards and carry out quality control checks. A supervisor can listen to one call live and check in with another agent after the call is finished,

6 – Checking Your Facts

It’s very easy to mishear, misunderstand or miss an important piece of information during a call. The customer might have a terrible phone signal making it hard to understand something. Also, there might be some loud noise making it hard to understand some parts of the sentence. As a result, there might be an incomplete record of the call in the customer’s file without proper recording.

7 – Improve Your Customer Service System

Listening to the catalogue of recorded calls from customers can help you identify any issues with your current systems or procedures. For instance, if there is a regular problem such as customers being connected to the wrong person, you can fix it immediately. Listen to the call recordings and spot the issues then fix them to avoid further errors. Your customers will appreciate the effort of tweaking your system to match their needs.

8 – Follow The Law

Your calls to customers need to follow a few regulatory standards. For instance, if your business is in the financial industry, you are required to keep a record of all customer calls. Your customers will have some peace of mind knowing that you are following the adhering to the regulatory standards. Check the regulations in your industry and stick to the rules when it comes to customer service. Call Recording is a feature available to all Voiper Customers costing from just 5 pounds / month.
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