7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch To VoIP

By: marysmith

The methods of communication used between businesses and customers are evolving — as are the ways in which investors and suppliers communicate with businesses. While the communications standard has been traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) for many decades, technology is advancing to match corporate demand.

VoIP enables you to make and receive calls over an internet connection. It has become a valuable modern standard that is making communications much more reliable and efficient. So, could your business benefit from switching to a VoIP system?If it could then consider Evolve Network Solution’s cloud PBX provider as they might be able to offer a new high tech VoIP system in the cloud. If you’re don’t know much about VoIP communication systems, featured below are 7 ways in which the technology could benefit your business:

1 – Better Audio Quality

One reason to upgrade from a traditional PSTN system to VoIP is that you can enjoy enhanced call quality. The copper wires used to facilitate PSTN connectivity can often cause crackling or muffling on the line — especially for long-distance calls. Meanwhile, VoIP connections have crisp, clear audio. Your customers will definitely appreciate the better audio quality and it will make your business appear more professional.

2 – Easy Scalability

Since VoIP communications are managed in the cloud, adding new users to the systems does not require much maintenance. Connecting another headset to an existing VoIP network is simple. In contrast, adding multiple new users to a traditional telephony network can require a lot of maintenance, hardware upgrades and tweaking. A VoIP system is designed to grow with your business. Companies like Planet Numbers offer custom VoIP systems for a whole range of business types, from sole traders to blue-chip companies.

3 – Enhanced Stability

What business doesn’t want extra stability? A digital data connection will always be more stable than an analogue connection. Unless the entire internet infrastructure goes down, there’s little chance of your calls dropping out. As a result, miscommunication is less likely to happen on important calls, which will minimize customer frustration levels. headset-with-blurred-call-center-employee-hand-working-operation-room_42708-612.jpg (626×417)

4 – The Ability To Work Remotely

A VoIP system is very flexible and allows your employees to work from any location with an internet connection. Using mobile internet connections, you and your employees will no longer be confined to office cubicles for answers customer calls. Increasing numbers of people are not working from home and a VoIP could allow your business to do the same.

5 – Future-Proof

PSTN as a communications standard is losing its status every day. BT is planning to retire a lot of traditional telephony systems in the coming years. By embracing VoIP today, your business can get ahead of the competition. You don’t want to risk getting left behind.

6 – The Ability To Integrate Multimedia Conferences Services

By using a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), you can integrate VoIP communications with all other corporate communications — web chat, emails, text message, click to call functionality, etc. — into a single suite.

This will mean you’ll be able to join or host conferences with clients, employees, customers, suppliers and investors without having to constantly switch between platforms. Keeping all your communications in one place will make them much easier to manage.

7 – Affordability

VoIP systems cost a lot less than many people think. Many business owners are under the misconceptions that any system that uses advanced technology will cost them a small fortune. With VoIP, this is not the case, especially now that data calls are now a common industry standard. You can save a lot of money by cancelling your traditional line rental package and avoiding all the extra call charges traditional phone line providers charge businesses. If your business makes a lot of international calls, a VoIP is guaranteed to be considerably cheaper.

Are you considering upgrading your business to VoIP? 2020 is the time. Contact our team today and we’ll help you get set up on an affordable package that meets your demands.

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