Going Paperless In 2020 Could Be Easier Than You Think

Going Paperless In 2020 Could Be Easier Than You Think

By: marysmith

Switching your business to a paperless system may seem challenging at first. But in reality, it’s easier than you think and also worth it. All thanks to the digital tools like digital Signature maker and other technologies that make transitioning quickly. Transitioning to a paperless system is not only great for the environment, but it also saves thousands of dollars every year.

How Choosing Paperless System Benefits Your Business?

More and more organizations have started understanding that paper is an effective and cost-effective way to manage the business. They are also switching to services such as electronic document management. Below are the perks of going paperless in today’s digital landscape:

1. Access Files Anytime And Anywhere

When all your documents are stored on the cloud, everything remains organized and easy to find. Just find which document you need with the clicking of a button. You can also send customized email campaigns to the clients much faster.

With electronic documents, you can create and route documents that reach the right people at the right time without any manual intervention. Moreover, you can access all your accounts 24*7 and pay bills anytime you need when you use online banking. This also saves time.

2. Boost Document Approval Process

Businesses use online signature solutions to speed up approval pro­cesses for internal and external documents. Electronic documents can be signed online and routed for the next step securely and speedily. It can allow businesses to make loan approvals, contracts, purchase requests, etc. fast.

3. Increase Productivity

When it comes to a paper-based system, you have much more work stress. Whether you’re working a part-time job or traveling, being paperless can boost your productivity by managing your tasks effectively remotely. You can create a business presentation and documents in a fraction of the time. With a project management tool, a manager can create assignments and updates information in seconds.

The paperless system also takes remote business collaboration to the next level. Using document sharing in the cloud and virtual meetings allow you to work in real-time with your colleagues. Moreover, there are numerous productivity applications that you can use on mobile.

4. Lowers The Flood Of Mail

Sorting through tons of emails can take plenty of hours out of your day. And when even after sorting is over, you either need to delete, file, or shred it. Thus, it’s better to reduce the emails as it boosts the security of the data. You can opt for receiving paper copies of essential documents such as bills, bank statements, and even invoices.

5. Automate Manual Processes

Business process automation is used to automate everyday tasks. It gets work done by routing information to the right individual at the right time via user-defined actions and rules.

With process management software, businesses can streamline processes like employee onboarding, contract management, etc. It also lets organizations store and distributes electronic documents, reports, and other kinds of data.

6. Tailor Documents 

Electronic document management solutions and e-forms allow you to create personalized electronic or paper-based reports and forms.

Moreover, you can create them as per the unique business processes or customer formats. You can also format, distribute, split, and archive your

files automatically.

7. Save Mother Earth

Did you know an average person uses 700 pounds of paper every year? With the rise of global warming and pollution, it has become vital to lower carbon footprint.

One of the excellent eco-friendly solutions is going paperless using electronic document management systems. It helps in slowing down global climate change by cutting down on deforestation and pollution.

8. Save Money

A paperless system saves money in tons of ways, from printing to storage to distribution.

a) Storage

Did you know one of the biggest expenditures of a company is its physical office space? In a paperless system, the majority of the records stored could be digitized. This reduces physical space to a great extent.

b) Distribution

Paper documents need manually filing. This can take a long time and can result in filing mistakes. Moving paper around via regular post or interoffice mail also incurs cost. By moving to a paperless system, businesses can save on the costs associated with paper that are not necessarily evident.

c) Printing

Printing documents has additional expenditure, like the price of buying ink and maintaining the printers. Moreover, most printed documents in an office do not contribute to the company’s bottom line. By going paperless, al tasks are digitally done. This allows businesses to save printing money.

9. Help You Stay Compliant

Today, HIPAA and SOX require businesses to maintain data integrity and confidentiality. Electronic document management solutions offer an audit trail of whenever files are sent and received. The best online signature maker offers in-built security measures that prevent unauthorized access.

10. Boost Data Security

One research by Data Breach Today shows that 23% of significant data breaches involve paper. As you know, paper records can be easily stolen, mislabeled, thrown away, misplaced, altered, lost in a natural disaster, or sent to the wrong person. But this is not the case with the digital records.

Digital documents have excellent protection systems than paper documents. Moreover, electronic documents can be quickly easily backed up, encrypted, and securely stored online.

11. Get Rid Of Clutter

When you choose a paperless system, you can alleviate the junk, confusion, and chaos that come with paper files. Digital files take up a minimal room than and stored on the cloud. This eliminates unwanted clutter.

Did you know clutter blocks our productivity and creativity? It also leaves us helpless and gets anxious. Thus, it’s worth eliminating clutter by going paperless.

12. Streamline Tax Payments

Regardless of your business you are in; you need to pay taxes to the government. The easy way to streamline tax-paying responsibilities is to go digital. You can sign-up with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. It’s free to use, allows you to streamlines all tax payments and access payment history.

Use Best Paperless Document Management Solution Today

Are you planning to be a paperless clinic? Use Doctor signature. It is a secure way for people to sign documents online. You just need to send the contract using email or share it via a protected folder in the cloud.

Today, tons of software like eSign Genie allows you to manage and store all your documents with much ease. All the information gets stored on

cloud, and you can access everything using secure passwords.

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