Best Free NTFS for Mac Software

Best Free NTFS for Mac Software

By: marysmith


We all know that NTFS is fully compatible with Windows operating systems only. And even with the support of third-party software, Mac has limited support for NTFS file systems. This problem still exists even after Apple has launched its new MacOS Big Sur.

The limited support we are talking about the Windows NTFS to Mac is that the Mac operating system can only read the Windows NTFS formatted file and cannot write anything. The NTFS “read-only” offers inconveniences when you urgently need sensitive data, but you have to go through a lengthy process of converting it to your system’s file management system.

Is there a solution for that? Yes, fortunately, there is one. There are several NTFS for Mac software in the market that allows users to access files without converting the format.

Best NTFS For Mac Software

Changing from one operating system to another is not easy, especially when you want to transfer all your data from your initial system to the current system. For instance, if you are using a Windows operating system and want to shift to a MacOS, you might find that your old data cannot initiate write action.

By default, MacOS has an APFS-formatted hard drive. But in the Windows industry, NTFS is the norm for the file system. So, how do you solve this problem? It’s simple, using NTFS for Mac software.

Given below are a few software you can use to do so.

1. iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is the most competent NTFS software for Mac. It offers users a complete package of features, making it easier for them to access, read and write NTFS formatted data on their Mac operating system.

With iBoysoft NTFS, you get a three-step easy process to instantly access NTFS formatted data. With iBoysoft, you can do the followings:

  • Read.
  • Write.
  • Add.
  • Delete.

Furthermore, you can mount NTFS drives into automatically read-write mode.

2. Mounty

Mounty is what we call a completely free NTFS for Mac software. Perhaps the next best option after iBoysoft NTFSfor Mac. Monty is free software that allows its user to access, read and write NTFS formatted data.

It has a notification feature that notifies the users every time they insert an NTFS formatted drive. This feature also helps the user know beforehand that the external drive they are injecting is NTFS formatted.

3. Tuxera

Tuxera is one of the few software out there that offers an easy interface to work on. The program is light and helps the user access NTFS formatted drives and make changes if needed. And you can do all these things regardless of what MacOS version you have.

With Tuxera, you get a caching layer that helps the users protect all the data in the drive. Furthermore, Tuxera offers a disk manager with the NTFS for Mac.

The best part of Tuxera is that it offers new users to enjoy a 14 days free trial where you can experience the software and evaluate its performance. If you find this software to your liking, you can certainly use the paid version.


NTFS for Mac has really changed the perception of how people see file systems today. As you can see, we have enlisted a few free NTFS for Mac, and choosing one will depend on your requirements.

If you are finding it difficult to choose one from the list, we would like to recommend you to go for iBoysoft NTFS for Mac. It has something more to offer than its competitors in the list. And as for what “More” we are talking about, you have to find it yourself.

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