6 Best Free Plagiarism Checker 2021

6 Best Free Plagiarism Checker 2021

By: marysmith


One’s work is either recognised or appreciated if it contains original content and is not copied from someone’s work. Plagiarism is the term that defines the practise of demonstrating someone else’s work or idea as your own and not giving them full acknowledgment for the final result. The person’s consent may or may not be taken into consideration which has led to the invention of this term. In simple terms, plagiarism is believed to be intellectual theft or fraud. It may be unintentional or intentional, but not giving credits to the person’s work that inspired you to get the idea seems wrong in many ways. Even if you are a student, teacher, freelance writer or blogger, producing content or work with 0% plagiarism is the highest priority. 

There are many free online applications to help you out with getting 100% original content. These are called Plagiarism Checker, and each application goes by different names. Every workplace considers original content, and to check whether our content is authentic or not, we need a plagiarism checker. The elementary function of this tool is to check the content against a large amount of databases on common websites and display the text that matches another person’s work. 

The six best types of a free plagiarism checker in 2021 are below:

Paper Rater

PaperRater.com is a free online resource that students can utilise to improve their writing skills. The different feature of this plagiarism checker is that it employs artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational linguistics and many other mind-boggling concepts to create the most powerful automated application on the internet in today’s digital world. The PaperRater tool assists students in schools and universities in over 100 countries to check for plagiarism and enhance their writing skills. The tool teaches students to know the proper usage of complex and sophisticated words at no costs on a powerful online application.


SentenceCheckup.com is also a free online tool that helps students, teachers, content writers, bloggers and even website owners. The distinct feature of this sentence checking editor is the deep search technology working with advanced level algorithms, enabling users to check and remove errors in the content quickly. The tool replaces inappropriate words with the right ones and points out grammatical mistakes, thus helping in improving our writing skills and making our article error-free. Every user can greatly benefit from this application as it also checks the sentence structure and points out if any modifications are to be made.


Quetext.com is a free online tool that has helped more than 5 million students, writers, bloggers and teachers to complete their project. The standing out feature of this plagiarism checker is that it utilises patented deep search technology, which makes it the fastest tool to display results and enhance writing skills. The application can check millions of web pages at lightning speed and notify the writer to modify the sentence for overall improvement and originality. The tool benefits teachers and students the most as it has a grasp of all the academic and textbook resources, allowing them to create the best papers without fear of plagiarism. 


Copyleaks.com is an all-inclusive free online application that can help any people ranging from students, teachers to bloggers and SEO companies. The particular feature of this tool is that it adopts military-grade encryption for data storage, in-depth search technology and helps us find duplicate files for your work. The sentence checking editor verifies word-by-word plagiarism and goes beyond changing the meaning of the text using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Since the tool is one of the best plagiarism detection tools on the internet with advanced capabilities, it is highly used in both educational and business circles.


Grammarly.com is a comprehensive free online engine used mainly by business people, students, content writers and bloggers. The exclusive feature of this tool is that it offers detailed, real-time editing suggestions to improve word and grammar choices. The application can help you stage settings to satisfy your business or educational needs with a pinch of professionalism and originality. It gives feedback for every word correction, sentence formation and grammar errors, enabling one to improve the readability, tone and clarity of the subject.


ProWritingAid.com is a free online tool mainly used by students, business writers, fiction and non-fiction writers, bloggers and content writers. The privileged feature of this application is that it can search your work against numerous online and offline sources that include billions of web pages, academic papers and published works. The sentence checking editor can give you the highest quality content by pointing out your grammatical errors, contextual spelling mistakes, inconsistent terminology and poor writing format. The tool has customized options that enable users to set a particular writing style, language variation and house style rules into the content. 


People in any field would definitely, at some point, need the help of a grammar checker and proofreader to write error-free and professional content. The significant advantages of using these tools are that they can save time, improve the writer’s efficiency and productivity and save the money required to hire people for proofreading. Use all the tools mentioned above and improve your writing skills at a faster pace.        


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