Best 12 Free Video Converters for Mac to Convert Videos for Free

Best 12 Free Video Converters for Mac to Convert Videos for Free

By: marysmith

This is an Internet world, and the Internet world means Letting every format of the file being transferred into one or the other in various situations. there are several situations when people need to convert the type of file format hey into another for sharing them over the Internet or uploading them to YouTube.  people also need to resize the video and record the desktop activities and even other things to be converted into some of the others. People also find it hard to find the best video converter for Mac but where are we with the best 12 Free Video Converter for Mac to Convert Videos for Free that will help you enhance your knowledge about videos and their conversation.

  • Wondershare free video converter for Mac
  • Handbrake for Mac
  • any video converter for Mac
  • Freemake video converter
  • QuickTime
  • DivX video converter
  • Media coder
  • Ffmpegx
  • MPEG Streamclip
  • Miro video converter free
  • Apowersoft Free mac video converter
  • Online unit converter

Wondershare Free Video Converter for Mac

This is one of the best Free Mac video converters.12 Free Video Converter for Mac to Convert Videos for Free from wondershare is compatible with working on OS X 10.6 to 10.15 versions. hey, this can even convert both the video and audio files into about 1000 formats add others into iOS compatible devices. You may easily straight forward edit the videos from the features like trimming, cropping for the personalization of the videos.


Handbrake for Mac

Handbrake for Mac is a widely used source for converting your video into Mac and supports various input formats but the output formats are only MP 4, M4 7, and MKV. This gives a decent quality conversion and also supports advanced features like adding subtitles, adding audio tracks, and customizing frame rate.

Any Video Converter for Mac

This is the best tool for your video conversion needs since it converts free for Mac supports 24 input formats. The program is also capable of extracting audio files from video files and can convert the YouTube and Google videos directly into the desired format.

Freemake Video Converter

This is a free video converter that helps the user in increasing the video size compressor that gives a high-quality product of the video. It can convert easily into 500 plus format and it also performs various operating systems.


This software already comes pre-installed on the Mac and therefore does not need any download it is easy to use and you can choose from different resolutions. This app gives a process of video conversion into a quick and straightforward type.

DivX Video Converter

This free Mac video converter is simple in user interface and allows the setting of resolution and bit rate. This app comes with some predefined options that are to be set by the user.


Media Coder

This is a feature pack conversion tool that helps in working on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. This may easily convert the popular video types into thousands of formats and can even convert multiple files at a time.


This is another Mac video converter that helps in converting the video with quality for free. The program is based upon the collection of Unix tools. This is a very flexible but compelling well on the Internet. This app helps in dragging and dropping the interface of the software does making it easy for all types of users.

Mpeg Stream Clip

MPEG Stream clip is a simple and easy-to-use video-free converter that helps in dragging the files in the interface and make the desired output format. This converter has various options of converting video tools end software of playing videos and editing and convert them into mixed files.

Miro Video Converter Free

This is an open-source video conversion tool for users of Mac and helps the software in converting all types of videos into web am, MP 4, and Ogg Theora. This free tool even allows converting the files for format into Android, iPad, and iPhone.This is an open-source and freeware video converter. this is a very simple user interface and helps in the Windows version of the software. Used in custom sizing and batch conversion support for additional features.


Online Uniconvertor

This is a free online video converter with the uniqueness of fast and reliable. This has a friendly user interface and professional in its work. This also has a high-speed download and converts one format into another swiftly. It even provides unlimited file compression and has a high conversion speed.

Apowersoft Free Mac Video Converter

This comes on the top list of free Mac video converters online. This is very simple to use and even supports all commonly used formats. This does not have any download format but can easily be used online. Bitrate, frame rate, video resolution is some of the rates that can be edited as needed from this free Mac video converter.

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