Account-based Marketing – A Key B2B Business Growth Strategy

Account-based Marketing – A Key B2B Business Growth Strategy

By: marysmith

With the help of account-based marketing, you can quickly weed out less valued clients and ensure that sales and marketing are working in unison. As a result, your team can get started in engaging and pleasing more valued clients more quickly.

High-value accounts can be treated as unique markets by your company when using ABM to interact and communicate with them. You will experience a higher ROI and an increase in customer loyalty if you accomplish this, as well as personalize the buyer’s journey and cater all communications, content, and campaigns to those particular accounts.

Account Based Marketing: What is it?

Account based marketing services, also known as key account marketing, targets specific groupings of accounts that need customized marketing by combining the skills of the sales and marketing teams. Marketers must use techniques that combine the knowledge of marketing and sales departments to find, engage, and close business with high-value accounts.

Sales and marketing efforts can collaborate on campaigns that attract the attention of such accounts and convert them into customers by using a marketing plan to focus on important areas that will be of greater value to the organization. ABM must be done correctly because doing so could be the distinction between the sales team meeting and exceeding quota.

An Ideal Strategy For Account Based Marketing Services

An effective strategy must be in place if you want to benefit the most from an account-based marketing campaign. To develop and implement an efficient account-based marketing plan, think about doing the following:

Align Marketing and Sales Teams

Aligning marketing and sales is essential for implementing account-based marketing successfully. Customer transitions from lead acquisition through the final transaction must be seamless to offer a personalized buying experience.

To ensure that the market research services generate leads that the sales team can sell to, both businesses need to be willing to talk to each other and find a middle ground.

It is adequate to have a small task force composed of one marketer target and one salesperson who collaborate to discover and approach target accounts if you are just getting started with ABM. One marketer can normally maintain alignment with up to 10 salespersons, and each salesperson may manage up to 10 accounts. Hence, as your efforts grow, prioritize having your marketers support more salespeople.

Conduct Investigation to Identify Account Personas

When marketing and sales are on the same page with their strategies, they can collaborate to ensure your business focuses on the right account personas.

  • This typically starts with some research to decide which accounts to follow.
  • Customers should be considered when creating a customer profile for an account-based marketing strategy.
  • The ideal client’s goals for their firm, mission, and vision.
  • Whether any high-value accounts are currently interacting with your business’s inbound strategy.
  • The scale of the business, its size, and its growth trajectory.
  • Revenue structure and spending trends.
  • The programs and platforms that their target clientele is using right now.

Although there are various approaches to identifying critical accounts, it is crucial that marketing and sales agree on which accounts to focus on.

Make Account Plans

Building account plans come next after choosing which accounts to target. The sales and marketing teams will need to collaborate to map out the possible leads they will need to generate to contact their target accounts and the type of content they will need to create to interact with this audience.

Find Contacts Linked to the Target Accounts

Using the inbound strategy should help you get in touch with people who work at your target accounts. If you need more connections, your next move should be to determine where your ideal contacts are currently looking for answers to the problems you solve and ensure your business is present and well-represented there.

Events, trade publications like newsletters and blogs, and targeted ad placements are all possibilities for getting in front of contacts. While it may be tempting to increase your company’s visibility through all possible channels, focus on the ones that are most pertinent to your target clients and contacts.

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) - A Comprehensive Guide

Include the Buying Committee

Make sure sales and marketing actively involve everyone who will participate in the purchasing decision as you develop relationships with important contacts. Marketing should be prepared to assist by producing pertinent resources to reinforce messaging, even though sales are normally in charge at this stage of the purchase process.

Marketing and sales teams can use the following KPIs to gauge the effectiveness of an ABM strategy:

  • Tracking interactions with target accounts’ linked purchasers and identifying these buyers.
  • Date of creation, velocity, and closing rate data are indicators of the deal’s health.
  • Target accounts’ share of the revenue.

After this method, your marketing and sales teams can use it again with new and existing major accounts to draw in and keep high-value clients.


By concentrating your efforts on a select group of accounts, you may greatly enhance your marketing with the correct techniques and strategy. This will assist you in stepping up your quality marketing efforts while also demonstrating your worth after the pitch, which is crucial. Doing so can create a successful, long-lasting relationship with potential consumers who become actual ones.

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