A November Weekend to Remember

By: marysmith


Malapascua is an island part of Daan Bantayan, North of Cebu. For Cebuano’s Malapascua travelsmag.co.uk is not an alien vacation spot as it’s miles very known to boast a subsequent-to-Boracay Paradise without being puffed up and as visitor infested as Boracay is. Going to Malapascua is a 5-hour bus journey from Cebu City where you’ll be dropped to Maya, vicinity in Daan Bantayan wherein you could capture a forty five-minute boat experience from there to the white sand coast of Malapascua.

Day 1

5:45 AM Saturday morning

We grabbed our backpacks and headed for the North Bus Terminal, in which the meeting region is. The agreed time was 6 a.M. Irik and Karmil have been the first to reach there.

5:45 AM Saturday morning

We had been the second to arrive, Glin and I at about more or less 6 am. We waited for the closing of the organization to arrive, Fatrik and Cilishti. The substances and our food have been with Cilishti. Fatrik became to assist in bringing them.

6:45 AM Saturday morning

Still no signal of either two, the 4 people were impatient to get to the weekend beforehand folks and nonetheless no Cilishti or Fatrik in sight. Karmil, Glin and I then decided to seize a bunwich to fill our empty stomachs at the same time as looking forward to them. Meanwhile, Irik impatiently known as Fatrik inside the office most effective to verify that Fatrik turned into nonetheless asleep. Somebody turned into requested to wake Fatrik up.

7:10 AM Saturday morning

Cilishti and Fatrik arrived sporting the supplies which consisted of three large water boxes each full with five litres of drinking water, canned goods, junk meals, a tent and a few hammocks.

7:20 AM Saturday morning

We have been then all set and have been in exact spirits on the point of board the bus closer to our November weekend-to-take into account Adventure in Malapascua. The memorable best of that island journey might be attributed to some stupid, funny and memorable things that in no way ceased to plague our experience from beginning to finish. This is how it all started out.

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