Your 101 guide for shift handovers

Your 101 guide for shift handovers

By: marysmith

Nature can work 24×7, but humans need a break; that’s why shift handover is necessary for any continuous work; when a shift ends or changes, it’s the operational responsibility of the employee to transfer the information for the upcoming shift. In simple words, shift handover means passing of control to another employee when shift changes. 

A shift handover takes an important part of an employee’s workday, where a lot of crucial information can disappear if not handled properly. Communication, missing data, or unreliable data can have a negative impact on the company. Ensuring efficiency and safety of crucial information to be communicated during shifts is not an option. It’s a highly critical part of an employee’s workday. 

Are you worried about losing crucial data? If yes, then shift handover software is your solution.

Shift handover software 

Shift handover software acts as a communication technique that facilitates the communication process and ensures that employee shift handover occurs smoothly. Effective shift handover automation is essential to reduce the risk of lack of coordination, miscommunication, or losing information during a continuous process. 

Principles or essentials of good shift handover and how to shift handovers can help you.

A smooth shift handover should be based on the following principles: 

Formal communication: Information transferred needs to be documented in a simple, straightforward, and understandable manner. All unnecessary details must be avoided to reduce the wastage of resources and time. Shift handover automation can help you formulate structured and formal information for better communication between employees. 

Know what and why: Information stored or collected should be able to answer why? Not just what. Recorded information or information passed during employee shift handover interpret the cause. Employees should be able to understand why it’s collected and what was the purpose behind such data. Unclear information makes it difficult for upcoming employees to figure out why it is collected. Shift handover software keeps track of necessary information and why it’s been recorded for a new employee to understand.

Sharing with competent employees: If your employees lack experience and do not know what is happening, there is no use in providing useful information. Providing useful information to incompetent employees is similar to no information to the competent employee. Therefore, employees need to be trained for shift handover software for a smooth transition of information.

How to Handle Shift Handovers in the Security Operations Center - Siemplify

Follow-ups: Regular shift handover meetings must be conducted to ensure no loss of information during such time. In the worst-case scenario, if there’s any miscommunication or lack of data, it can be handled during such meetings. Regular communication can be beneficial in the long run.

Track of information: Top-level management needs to know every detail and happening in the workplace for smooth coordination with managers. To achieve long-term and short-term and assign tasks among employees, tracking of data is necessary. How would you know what needs to be done if you don’t have accurate information to manage data? Shift handover software is your solution for such issues. It allows management to keep track of information and assign long-term, short-term goals for shift employees.

Organized: Cluttered information is worse than no information. If you fail to provide organized data to employees, they might misunderstand, and your hard work will go down the drain. For instance, employees from the finance department stored information in an unorganized and haphazard manner, an employee from another shift misunderstood the data and repeated transactions. Shift Handover automation will help you collect information in an organized and structured manner to eliminate risk. This way you will lose money as well as time.

More employee engagements: The most important and foremost step for shift handover is employee engagement; if employees are willing to pass crucial information effectively, issues can be avoided, but if your employees are not committed, no matter how much you automate your process,, you will lose data anyway. Implementing effective shift handovers shows that employees are more focused on their tasks, pass down information effectively, and highlight major issues better. All in all, employee shift handover effectiveness depends upon how they engage with the system.

Optimization: No matter what you do, it’s impossible to gain desired results if you do it wrong. Using logs and storing data in files can be complex and challenging to interpret and extract when necessary. That’s why companies need to switch to shift handover automation. Digital and electronic storage can help you fetch data as and when required. A strong shift handover process can help you optimize handovers during continuous operations. 

Bottom line: Shift handovers are crucial for any organization involved in a continuous process. If information is transferred wrongly, it will impact the organization in many ways. A strong and effective shift handover process can help your organization eliminate risk, leaving no room for miscommunication and wrong interpretation. 

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