Yalp Store

Yalp Store

By: marysmith

Android users can download and install any app that you want from the Google Play Store. But sometimes with the time the sizes of these downloaded files will become a burden to your storage space. So, the functioning of the Android also become weaker. But we cannot be free from downloading the needed apps. Every day so many apps are added to the app store and we also need to experience about these apps. So, there is a best option for you to follow. That is downloading Yalp Store in your Android


Yalp Store allows you to download the Apk files of the needed app directly from the Google Play and also allows to manage the installed apps in our Androids. AC Market contain apps added by them. Most of those apps and games are modified or altered. That’s why Yalp store is much better and safe choice to download official APK files. It can identify as an App manger mostly. The app is very simple and easy to use too. It is a simplified version of the Google play Store. The other outstanding feature here is, when downloading the Apk files you do not need a Google Account. Without a Google Account you can download the Apk files very easily via this. The downloading process is also very simple and quick.

Features of the Yalp Store

This allows us to update all the apps contains there in the Androids including the pre-installed apps. You can whitelist the apps you want to update. Here the process of checking for the updates is very quick. Plus, if you want you can block some apps becoming up-to-date.

As mentioned already the app downloads the files needed for the installation of the apps in Apk format.

As this acts as an app manager you can uninstall, list, run and if you want you can change an app in to the system app too. You can use clean master to manage all your installed apps and tools too.

Moreover, you can have a view of the apps in Google Play and also can search for the apps stored inside the Android too.  There you are given the opportunity to differentiate the apps containing ads and apps without ads as well the apps which are free and have to pay while searching for your app.

Just like in Google Play this also helps you in reading the reviews about an app and also you can send a review.

If you want a previous version of the app as you may not satisfies with the update then you can browse for it if you have the code of the needed version.

The above are only some of the features of the Yalp Store. it looks like useful if you face memory full conditions in your Android. So, if you are interested in this Store then download it for free. No need to pay for it. It indeed is Free.

If you have Android TV box you can try Filelinked. Filelinked is the best available choice when it comes to third-party app store for Android TV and Google TV.

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