Wikigains Reveals 3 Easy Tools To Help You Save On Grocery Shopping

By: marysmith

Cutting coupons may be your grandmother’s or mother’s favorite hobby that resulted in saving several hundred dollars at the grocery store. But, we know that times have changed and you no longer have the interest or time to cut out coupons. Wikigains, a UK coupon site is here to tell you that you don’t need to do that either. You can bid adieu to paper coupons with a plethora of tools specially designed for the new era shoppers.

If you have a smartphone, which almost everyone does in this age, you are actually walking around with a powerhouse of coupons and deals. Here are the 3 easy and effective tools to help you save money on grocery shopping.

#1. Grocery store Apps

Most of the grocery stores today have their own app that enables shoppers to buy products online and have them delivered at their doorstep. Some customers also prefer to use the app to pre-order and then pick up the items from the store to save time. Another amazing advantage of the apps is the ability to save with digital coupons.

The apps allow you to see the digitalized versions of available coupons and deals online. It also includes others details like how long the coupons are valid, what is the expiry date, etc. So, you have all the coupons with their details at one place without having to clip anything. According to the customers, it is easier to stay organized with grocery store apps and save money.

#2. Mobile Coupons Site

Almost every reputed coupon website like has a mobile version to enable users to find valid coupons and deals even on the move. So, what’s the need of cutting paper coupons when you have everything listed right in front of you.

In the coupon apps, you can search for specific products or brands to find the valid coupons or deals on offer. In just a few minutes, you can get access to the a host of coupons to help you save on your order. So, why waste Sundays cutting papers when you have make better plans to spend time with your family.

#3. Cashback Apps

This is another interesting method to save money on your grocery purchases with sites like Checkout 51, Ibotta, and SavingStar. These apps offer cash back options to the shoppers who upload a receipt or picture of what they purchased. If that product is valid in their program, the shopper immediately receives a cashback via check or paypal.

According to a market survey, some customers who used these apps saved as much as $160 by simple scanning bar codes and taking photos of the items. The apps typically work with almost every grocer in town and there are different offers for different products.

To make it work, you will first need to download the app and search for specific items within the app by stores. Select the items you have purchased. Next, scan the bar code or snap a picture of the product and upload it online. It takes a few minutes but can save you good money, says wikigains.

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