Why Should Companies Invest in Their Cybersecurity?

Why Should Companies Invest in Their Cybersecurity?

It is no secret that we are dependent on technology, both at home and at work. Security is another aspect of technology. In fact, cybersecurity is more important than ever and should therefore be an integral part of everything a business does. If you take a look at the news, stories keep popping up about companies that have had their systems hacked. The threats come mainly from outside, but ignorant employees can also pose a threat. Many companies simply lack a good safety culture. What happens if we are left to our computers and have to make all the decisions ourselves? Can we not click on exciting links? Do we think it is wise to use the best VPN to encrypt our data traffic?

Invest In A Healthy Safety Culture

The level of the company’s safety depends on the employees, and to get the employees involved, you must invest in healthy safety culture. This way, the safety aspect will be part of everything the company and those working there do.

The primary goal of a security culture is to promote change and better security. It must also be engaging and fun so that employees want to participate. For people to invest time and effort, they need to understand what they are getting back.

A strong security culture interacts with the day-to-day procedures and defines how security affects the company’s services and products. It is not an event once a year but is built into everything the company does.

In any system, humans are always the weakest leak. Security culture is first and foremost for humans, not for computers. Computers do exactly what we ask them to do. The challenge lies with the people who click on things they receive on email and believe what someone tells them. In general, the people in your business will do the right thing. They just need to be taught what it is.

Secure Passwords

It is important to tell all employees that they must create secure and unique passwords which are not shared with anyone. A password should be completely random and consist of both letters and numbers. In addition, they must create different passwords for each program and system. If a password is hacked, it will not go beyond the rest.

Increase the security level by using more layers of security. This means that in addition to a password, you must also, for example, use a code to log in. It is important to remember that this information must be stored safely.

Use a VPN

If the company has many employees who work from home, it will pay off to invest in VPN protection. There are many who ask; what is a VPN? The answer is very simple. This is a virtual private network that helps to hide your IP address. All information sent out from you goes via another server, and in addition, it is encrypted. Using a public network when working with your PC is like inviting hackers into your home. A VPN connection will provide the necessary level of security when someone works outside the company’s own premises.

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Updated Systems

Keep the systems up to date. Make sure that your company’s equipment and software are regularly updated to ensure that all the latest security updates are installed. Be careful not to let employees use their own laptops when working remotely, as personal devices are often less up-to-date.

Today’s data protection systems, sophisticated as they are, are meaningless if backups do not accompany them. Businesses should back up their systems and data daily, keeping a clean copy of the data so that it can be easily restored if a threat arises. Many companies run backups without ever testing the system. This may cause them to discover that they are not succeeding in recovering critical data.

Invest In Cybersecurity

Make an investment in cybersecurity. This may involve strengthening the existing IT team or hiring an external company to perform security audits. Another option to consider is cyber insurance. In the United States, for example, only about 19% of small and medium-sized businesses have coverage through cyber insurance. As the increasing frequency of ransomware attacks has shown, it is not just large companies that are at risk


Every single day we read in the news about companies that have been exposed to cybercrime. Large and small businesses lose data and access to important systems. Not even banks and government agencies are spared. That is why it is important to invest in cybersecurity. This must happen on several levels, from training employees in good routines and incorporating a good security culture to investing in a VPN and other forms of cybersecurity. Working life takes place on the web, and it is important to think about safety so that the company’s livelihood is not lost due to poor safety.

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