Why Is Frontier The Best Internet Provider Near Me?

Why Is Frontier The Best Internet Provider Near Me?

By: marysmith

Available in 25 states, Frontier is one of the largest internet companies in the market. Read below to know more about their service and how to get best deal for you!

 Frontier Internet

Why is Frontier the best internet provider near me? While searching for internet providers, you will likely come across Frontier internet  plans. With a considerable availability across the country, you might have their service near you, since it also reaches rural areas where other types of internets do not, as well as larger metropolitan cities.

You will come across two types of networks to deliver internet and phone service for this provider: fiber optic and DSL. Its DSL plans are available across 25 states, whereas its fiber optic options are offered in select parts of California, Florida, Indiana and Texas.

How Much Speed Do I Need In My Internet Plan?

If you are looking for a provider to work from home, or streaming videos in multiple devices, we recommend you get at least 25 Mbps, but ideally over 100 Mbps. If fiber is available near you, you are already covered, since their plans start at a 25 Mbps speed. DSL plans might reach 115 Mbps max, but this type of speed is not available everywhere. It is important to check what is the maximum speed available in your area.

Dsl Vs Fiber Optic

As with any provider, there is a significant difference between their DSL and fiber optic plans. Fiber optic has faster download and upload speeds, which is important to make video calls and streaming videos. Its downside, however, is that unfortunately its availability is still limited, as we have mentioned above. Starting prices might be slightly higher than DSL, but the service’s value will be of higher quality.

For the majority of customers who have DSL as their only available option, their starting price is $55/mo. for download speeds up to 115 Mbps and unlimited data. This is a fair price considering other DSL options with limited data caps. You still will be able to work from home and enjoy your favorite streaming services, although not getting 4k image quality. This type of connection tends to be less reliable when it comes to speed, mainly because it’s an older technology.

Let’s take a look at the pricing for each option this provider has to offer.

Frontier Fiberoptic Internet

Formerly known as Frontier FiOS, this network offers reliable internet connection for gaming, streaming your favorite TV series and movies, making video calls and learning or working from home.


  1. Lower cost per Mbps gives you better value for your service: this option gives you more speed for the money you pay. For example, if you get their fastest plan (FiberOptic 500/500), you will be paying $0.10 per Mbps or less.
  2. Fast download and upload speeds: fiber optic plans are able to reach gigabit speeds, up to 940 Mbps for download speeds. As for upload speeds, this plan gets up to 880 Mbps, superior to cable or DSL networks, which are unlikely to reach more than 30 Mbps.

Taxes, fees and one-time charges apply. Service subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions. Speeds may not be available in all areas.

How Do I Choose The Right Fiber Internet Plan For Me?

  • Frontier FiberOptic 500– ideal for household members who are heavy internet users and appreciate gaming, streaming and working or learning from home. Homes with up to 6 members will likely enjoy this option.
  • Frontier FiberOptic Gigabit – this plan works for larger households that constantly have 8 or more devices connected at a time. Everyone will be able to do their activities online, from heavy gamers to professionals who work from home and make video calls regularly and students learning from online classes. Keep in mind that this plan is a good option for heavily connected households. The 500 Mbps plan should work just fine for moderate activities.

Frontier Dsl Service

This plan uses DSL technology to offer internet connection through your phone line. This makes the service more affordable, especially for rural areas, where fiber or cable networks aren’t available.

Frontier offers unlimited data with their DSL plans. For not so modest internet users, this a plus over satellite or fixed wireless connection.

Speeds are available according to your address, so they can vary, along with the pricing. The maximum download speed is about 75 Mbps.

Take a look at the three DSL plans Frontier has to offer, depending on where you are.


Actual speeds may vary by location.

What Are Upload Speeds And How Much Do I Need?

Unless you upload a lot of large files online, you probably don’t need to worry about upload speeds. This includes sending heavy spreadsheets via email, attaching PDF or PSD files.

For Frontier’s FiberOptic internet with ranges between 50 to 880 Mbps upload speeds, things should work just fine no matter how heavy the file you need to send is.

However, DSL folks might struggle to upload videos to YouTube or their photo gallery, for example. Although Frontier doesn’t list their upload speeds, its believed to be around

10 Mbps or lower.

About Equipment Fees, Contracts, Data Caps And Extra Costs

A modem router is sent with any package you choose, which means that Wi-Fi is free for Frontier customers.

No Equipment Fees Are Included In The Plans

As mentioned above, there are no equipment fees for Frontier plans. Keep in mind, though, that after 12 months your bills increase by $10/mo. for the 500 Mbps plan. For the Gig plan, however, the price stays the same for three years.

A single gateway device acts as your modem and Wi-Fi router, but the equipment you will need might depend on the internet type and speed you choose. Either way, the provider will send you the proper equipment, so you don’t have to worry about it.

No Contracts

This provider does not have any contract obligations, which means that if for any reason you opt out of the plan you choose, you won’t have to pay for any early termination fees. Even without a contract, you still be able to enjoy its Gig plan’s three-year price lock.

No Data Allowance

When choosing this provider, you don’t have to keep an eye on your data cap, since there will not be any charges on overusing it. However, excessive data use may violate Frontier’s terms and conditions. It is always important to read the small print before making a purchase.

Activation fee

All plans are subjected for an activation fee of $85, which you only have to pay at the time you make your first purchase. Pro tip: when ordering a fiber optic plan online, you don’t the charged for this fee.

Discounts When Using Autopay

When choosing autopay for your monthly bills, you automatically get a discount of $5 on the monthly price. The pricing listed above is already discounted.

Can I get a TV bundle deal with Frontier internet?

All Frontier’s customers are able to get a TV bundle with their partner, satellite TV provider DISH. This provider offers four TV package, with options that range between 190 and 290+ channels. Its pricing is between $64.99/mo. and $99.99/mo. If you bundle internet and TV, you should pay at least $115/mo.

How do I get in touch with Frontier?

You can either get in touch with this provider through their online chat, telephone or social media. Keep in mind though, that their online customer service isn’t available 24/7.

  • Frontier customer service phone number: 1-800-921-8101
  • Frontier tech support: 1-800-239-4430
  • Pay your Frontier bill: 1-800-801-6652
  • Facebook: @FrontierCorp
  • Twitter: @AskFrontier


It is worth considering Frontier internet for its unlimited data and no contract plans. Better yet if fiber optic connection is available in your area. Its fiber plans offer pricing and speeds comparable to other top providers in the market, and its fast upload speeds makes it a reliable internet over cable, for streaming and gaming enthusiasts.

If you live in a rural area where only DSL and satellite networks are available, Frontier’s DSL plan might be worth considering if data caps and contract obligations are a concern for you. This type of connection is also more reliable due to satellite’s weather-related instability. There are, however, reports of slow and spotty internet in these areas, so make sure to understand what speeds are available to you and compare providers to get the best deal possible.

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