Which Operating System is Better, Ubuntu or Windows?

Which Operating System is Better, Ubuntu or Windows?

By: marysmith

There is an old dispute between “fans” of Linux, free software, open source and those who still use the Microsoft operating system. We do not think to solve it in this post, because it is true that each one has their phobias and to taste the colors. But we would like to highlight some reasons why Ubuntu is a more recommended OS than Windows in certain aspects.

Of course you have to be objective and in the end everything will depend on why we are going to use our computer. If we want speed, stability and excellent hardware, it is always advisable to go to Apple’s Mac OS X, but I understand that the inconvenience of the price can throw more than one back. An alternative that some love and others abhor is the Ubuntu operating system.

Advantages of Ubuntu over Windows

Ubuntu is the Linux operating system and can be installed on any computer. From the first versions to the last Ubuntu 13.04 has been a great rival for the Microsoft brand. Some do not just get used to using it, or see problems due to the incompatibility with popularized programs in the Windows environment. In any case, working with this OS has some advantages:

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  • It is free software. To have Ubuntu, you do not need a paid license and a serial number, which are usually included in PCs when you buy them. Just download the ISO file from the Ubuntu official website and create an installation disc. Then you can use it on the computers you want.
  • It has greater stability. Unlike Windows, Ubuntu is a more robust operating system, where errors and crashes are less likely to occur in the system. Although the Microsoft OS has improved a lot in recent years, it still exhibits some shortcomings in its performance over time. That’s why Ubuntu cloud server like the one you can find at https://www.skysilk.com/ubuntu/ tends to be popular.
  • It is more secure. Online security is a better controlled aspect of Ubuntu and one that grips Windows in particular. We will not say that Ubuntu does not have viruses, but it does exercise a more efficient security control. To begin with, most of the useful programs come pre-installed, and on the other hand, technically there are no executable files and all programs are removable.
  • You can clone the hard drive. A peculiarity of the GNU / Linux structure is that it allows us to make copies of our hard drive and transfer them from one computer to another on a disk or on a pen-drive. This versatility allows us to work on different computers in a much more comfortable way.
  • You don’t have to buy programs. In companies you always have to buy licenses to work with the Office suite, Photoshop and other software compatible with Windows. In Ubuntu all the important programs (such as Word, Excel, etc.) are free to use and you will not have to pay for any.

The only major disadvantage that Ubuntu presents compared to Windows is that regular users of Microsoft’s operating system take time to get used to using Ubuntu, since it is another style and has its own rules.

And you, do you like Windows or Ubuntu better? What operating system do you use on the computer with which you are reading this post?

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