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What’s Driving the Demand for Data Analysts?

By: marysmith

Data Analysts are one of the highest-paying IT jobs in the world, thanks to the increasing rate of data creation (more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were created every day in 2018) and the need to use it for the company’s growth. Whether you are an experienced data analyst or a developer trying to enter a new lane, you can improve your marketability by learning the skills companies are looking for.

While data analysts are not the only ones capable of telling us what is in the data, their particular skill sets, expertise in distributed computing, business acumen, and mathematical/statistical competency, make them an integral part of a data analytics or AI project. Here is what drives the increasing demand for data analysts:

1.    Better Targeting

As a data analyst, you are capable of determining what type of advertising will reach the customers effectively and make them buy the company’s products. By analyzing the data, you gain an understanding of the different methods of advertising that have the biggest impact on the targeted audience. You will be able to answer questions like at what scale should the advertising be adopted. Also, you can help the company realize the costs that they are going to incur while making the products. You can help target the product better by optimizing the website. The information you provide can save the company a lot of money that can be used for carrying out other pressing roles.

2.    Knowing the Customers

The data analysis is best known for checking the performance of the business or a specific product in the market. As a data analyst, you will have an understanding of the suitable products for your clients. This way, you can determine the areas to focus on and for which customers. Also, you will be updated on the market trends that are informative on customer tastes and spending.

Once you have enough information about these vital things, you can help the business by directing them to create or distribute the goods or services capable of fulfilling the desires of a potential customer. The information will also help set up the prices and the advertisement that the company will adopt.

3.    Innovation

Through data analysis, you will help provide the company with possible future consumer behaviour trends. This way, companies will be able to create projects suited for the future and distribute services that can put them on the top of their field. Through these innovations, businesses will have an edge over their competitors. Also, if you create a new innovative method, you can patent it and reap its benefits while helping the business stay ahead in terms of profits.

4.    Reduced Operating Costs

A data analyst can help a company run its business effectively and smoothly. As a data analyst, you can help them determine the sectors that need more financing and the ones that don’t. This way, the companies will have an idea of the area where they should cut costs. You will also be helping the companies decide what advertising method to use, what customers to target, and what goods to produce that offer the most advantage in terms of cost.

5.    Solve Problems

There are several problems that can arise in a business and lead to a major halt in the operation and cause a lot of losses. As a data analyst, you will be assisting your company in making better decisions on how the business should be run. You will provide them with information that can help in avoiding any loss.

By analyzing the data, you will be able to detect a malfunction in the technical systems and the business systems and show any issues in the quantity and quality of the production. Also, you will be able to analyze any problems occurring in response to the malfunction.

6.    Getting Accurate Data

In order to perform data analytics, it is important to gather accurate data. With relevant and accurate data, the whole accounts payable process will eliminate human error and become seamless. As a data analyst, you will help the company determine the following:

  • The strong and weak points of the company on the basis of targeted and actual sales for any given time period.
  • The best business solutions for resolving existing challenges.
  • Creating a business plan for the next year.
  • Create innovative marketing and sales strategies that are appealing to consumers.
  • Strengthening or modifying company vision, values, and mission so that is aligned with the needs of the customers.

7.    Anchor The Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Strategies

As a data analyst, you can anchor the graphic design. For example, if you have set up an online print-on-demand business as your first online business, you won’t have to hire people to do the job or take care of the printing process. There is a way to outsource this. All you have to do is focus on graphic design, marketing, and sales strategies with the help of data analytics to get the best results and higher revenue for the business.

Like other dropshipping and fulfillment services, what you have to do is market the business, accept orders, and designate the creation to another company that will send the item to the customer. Data analytics allow you to track online sales and monitor the status of the customer in the sales funnel.

Here is how you can use data analytics for creating better digital marketing strategies:

  • Understanding the relationship between the past and current data for creating effective marketing strategies.
  • Determining the buying behaviour patterns and online user behaviour for category design and audience segmentation. Category design involves creating a new category or product, while audience segmentation means classifying the target audience on the basis of their interaction with your website.

As you must have seen, there is so much you can do as a data analyst for easing the operations of a business and ensuring that it is run effectively. There have been several cases when the businesses have incurred losses because of their lack of knowledge about the nitty-gritty of the business. If you are interested in working as a data analyst, you can join one of the data science courses in Delhi and start your career in the field of data science.

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