What is the Cost of Living in the United Kingdom for a Foreign Business Owner?

What is the Cost of Living in the United Kingdom for a Foreign Business Owner?

By: marysmith

The United Kingdom is a desirable destination to reside in due to its relatively high living standards, public healthcare system, and moderately robust economy. However, if you are a foreign business owner contemplating relocating to the United Kingdom to England company register there, you must first examine the cost of living.

In this blog, you will know the UK’s general cost of living, analyze how it compares to that of other countries, dig briefly into regional variances, and investigate whether the cost of living may increase (or decrease) soon.

The Cost Of Living In Great Britain

It is difficult to define a single ‘cost of living’ for the United Kingdom. A London resident will need a much larger discretionary income than, for example, a rural Scottish resident.

According to Expatisan, however, the average cost of living in the United Kingdom is as follows:

  • Estimated monthly expenditures for a single individual are $1,945
  • Monthly cost estimate for a family of four: $3,482

How The UK’s Cost Of Living Stacks Up Against Other Countries

The above statistics are meaningless unless they are compared to those of other countries. The United Kingdom is more costly than 61 percent of Western European nations and 80 percent of countries worldwide.


It is important to note, however, that estimations continue to fluctuate. According to some statistics, the United Kingdom is the fourteenth most costly nation in the world, while others place it in 32nd place. This is still not fantastic, but it is far better than the fourteenth.

Recent data suggests that the United Kingdom is in fact cheaper than the United States. How the cost of living in the United Kingdom will affect your finances depends on where you come from. If you are coming from Switzerland, it will seem to be rather affordable. However, if you are traveling from Pakistan, you may be in for a rude awakening.

Regional Differences

The elephant in the room is finally addressed: regional disparities. The typical British reaction to a question about the expense of living is “Where?”

London, the nation’s capital, is by far the most costly city in the United Kingdom. For example, rent costs in London are 98% more than in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and the second most expensive location to live in the United Kingdom.

London is supposedly 66% more costly than Madrid, 58% more costly than Brussels, and 21% more costly than Paris. On the other hand, it is 4% less expensive than New York.

Where else except London and Edinburgh might you reside in the United Kingdom, and how much would everyday living cost?

If you’re seeking for a cosmopolitan city with a lower cost of living, Manchester and Glasgow are excellent options. Alternatively, Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, and Cardiff are all highly dynamic and inexpensive cities.

How Will The Cost Of Living In The United Kingdom Change For Foreign Business Owners?

You may not be ready to relocate to the United Kingdom just yet, but you are interested in learning more about the cost of living there. The Consumer Price Index of the United Kingdom is projected to see inflation of 1.5% in 2021, 1.8% in 2022, and 1.9% in 2023.

Therefore, the cost of living growth in the United Kingdom will not be too dramatic during the next several years, but life will get steadily more costly.

Answer In Comparison

The United Kingdom is neither the cheapest nor the most costly nation in the world. This implies that although some international company owners may see the United Kingdom as a relatively affordable area to relocate to, the great majority will experience an increase in their cost of living upon relocating to the United Kingdom.

However, the cost of living is not the only aspect to consider when determining where to relocate. Political liberties, robust social services, multiculturalism, and excellent living standards distinguish the United Kingdom as one of the finest countries to live in the world.

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