What Is The Best Relocation Software For A Moving Company?

What Is The Best Relocation Software For A Moving Company?

By: marysmith

Moving companies should invest in effective customer relationship management. Therefore, acquiring complete relocation software is imperative to the success of modern moving companies.

Unfortunately, for hundreds of global relocation companies, finding the best relocation management software could be challenging. The truth is that you ought to understand the need, to know the best qualities to look out for when investing in relocation software. Otherwise, the attempt to acquire relocation management software ends up a wild-goose chase.

So, which is the best relocation software for a moving company?

This post shares the best qualities to look out for when investing in relocation management software.

1.  Relocation Software Should Allow You To Capture And Organize Leads.

Think of the relocation management software as an integral part of your customer management. You ultimately want to grow leads and nurture the existing leads through the existing CRM. To that end, complete relocation software should allow the moving company to capture potential customers and organize them depending on their purchasing stage.

To achieve this objective, search for relocation software with an inbuilt visual estimator such that your new leads can provide the necessary information required to cost the move. With such an aid, your sales team can target qualified leads, generating high conversion rates.

To keep the leads organized, the software should come with an individual customer’s portal, where the existing potential clients can update personal information and e-sign on the critical document. Your sales team should chat with the individual customers through the portal, resulting in high conversion rates. That way, you can capture and nurture new leads effectively.

2.  Ability To Integrate

While you could invest in all-in-one relocation software, the initial cost could be so high. In most cases, only enterprise-level businesses can afford the cost. At the entry, small and mid-size level, an assortment of software solutions could be the ultimate solution.

Therefore, it is crucial to have software that can integrate effectively with other systems.

For instance, if you are using a lead generator, new leads can be posted directly to your lead grabber, and notification emailed to your sales team. The information relating to the new lead should be available on your relocation software immediately so that your sales team can follow up and, in turn, close more deals.

Therefore, when shopping for relocation management software, you must ask about the ability to integrate. Find out whether there are limitations when it comes to integrating into third-party applications. Go for the software that allows ease of integration to aid your expansion in the future.

3.  Meets Your Needs And Those Of Your Target Customers

The relocation management software should cater to the needs of your organization. More importantly, it needs to aid ease of communication between your organization and the target customers.

Your customers want to get estimates from the first time to book a move with confidence. Therefore, go for the software that allows powerful onsite cost estimating. Moreover, your leads may need answers to be able to make the purchase decision. Software with an easy online chat platform helps your customers to communicate effectively before booking a move.

Use a powerful relocation management software that allows you to conduct online surveys through interactive forms or a phone survey while capturing the responses. Another feature could be to trigger an email to the customer and invite them to provide more information online.

4.  Comes With An Advanced Move Scheduling Tool

When organizing multiple moves, you need relocation software that allows scheduling the move date and route planning. Besides, you need to cater for crew forecasting such that you assign new moves to your staff members. The system should send instant notifications to the customers and team, indicating the date, time, and route. This keeps the service delivery organized and aids your overall operations. Overall, the feature contributes to customer satisfaction, which is critical to lead generation, as your satisfied customers will share their experiences online.

5.  Ease Of Use And Accessed On Multiple Platforms

Another critical consideration is how easy it is to use the software. Ideally, you need relocation software that meets your needs and supports easy end-user adoption. Thus, if your target customer is having a hard time using the application, the chances are that you will lose the lead. Similarly, your sales rep should find the application easy to use to chase new leads.

The ability to use the software on multiple platforms is an often overlooked requirement. But before acquiring software, you must inquire what platforms the software can be accessed. Some software only works on Windows PC, while others are particular to MAC.  Relocation software can be deployed on desktop and the web. Therefore, when using offline, the new changes will sync when you connect to the internet.

Are you in the process of acquiring a relocation management software? The points we have looked at here are critical for finding the relocation software that meets your requirements. In that regard, bear them in mind to avoid back and forth when acquiring the appropriate relocation software. Movegistics.com provides world-class relocation software for moving companies. Check it out today.

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