What is the best GPS location tracking app for all parents

What is the best GPS location tracking app for all parents?

By: marysmith

Around 15-20 years past, it had been straightforward for fogeys to stay tabs on the activities of their kids. However, with the recent advancement in technology, staying really alert to what your kid is up to has become quite tough. this is often wherever the requirement for “Parental Control” arises.

In the digital age, the Parental management options area unit incorporated in numerous services from TV and smartphones to games and diverse applications. These options enable oldsters to curb their offspring’s’ technical school consumption. period location chase has additionally become a clear stage, courtesy of a reliable track a cell phone.

When it involves location chase, there area unit a variety of how oldsters will utilize to grasp the whereabouts of their kids. automaton location chase, location history chase, and geofencing alerts area unit the foremost unremarkably used ways within the aforesaid regard.

Parental management may be enforced victimization in completely different apps. The one we have a tendency to advocate is that the FamiSafe parental control app.

The Best App for Phone Tracking?

Even though FamiSafe offers plenty of choices for fogeys to stay tabs on their kids, one of its most reliable options is location chase.

For starters, oldsters will use the FamiSafe Parental management App as a GPS location hunter to remain alert to their kids’ period location. Secondly, this app permits you to ascertain wherever your children are within the past or however they ought to a selected spot, because of FamiSafe’s location history feature. 

But that’s not all! you’ll additionally discover completely different geofences like “home” or “school”. What this will is that you just get alerted whenever your kid tries to cross their boundaries and go somewhere from college or home once they aren’t purported to.

With FamiSafe by your aspect, you now not got to concern about losing your cub in a very mall or him/her being coaxed into going somewhere they shouldn’t go.

All you have got to try to line up this app as your go-to phone hunter is to follow these straightforward steps:

Sign up for a FamiSafe account. you’ll do therefore by heading over to FamiSafe’s official web site or by downloading its automaton, iOS, or Amazon application.

If you have got registered on the platform via the website, you may then got to transfer the FamiSafe app on your smartphone.

Once you have got taken care of the above-named steps, you’ll connect and regulate all devices from FamiSafe’s dashboard application or net portal.

An expert Parental management Application

While FamiSafe has collected widespread recognition as a phone hunter app, it boasts alternative necessary parental management options too. Let’s list those down below:

Activity Report: keep updated together with your kids’ daily phone activities like the apps they’re victimized, the time they’re outlay on every application, and so on.

App Blocker: If you have got the rationale to believe that a selected application is psychoneurotic or that it’s not right for your young one, you’ll either limit its usage or perhaps block it!

Screen Time Schedule: Don’t let your children forget their priorities by permitting them to stay on their phones all day. simply set honest screen time and keep tabs on their everyday app usage.

Filter Websites & read History: Block inappropriate and unethical websites right off the bat to make sure a secure water sport expertise for your kids. Also, access your kids’ browsing history together with their activities within the concealed mode.

Detect Suspicious Photos & Texts: Be the primary to search out if your children have inappropriate photos saved in their gallery or if they’re exchanging obscene texts with their friends or strangers.

Availability & evaluation

FamiSafe Parental management App is offered to be downloaded on mobile devices and tablets via Google Play, iOS Apple Store, and Amazon. you’ll additionally transfer this app on your desktop directly from the web site.

Get it on Google Play compass on app store compass on amazon

As for evaluation, there are unit 3 moneymaking subscription packages for you to get pleasure from the secure and reliable options of FamiSafe. These packages are:

Monthly: on the market at $9.99 per month and permits you to manage up to 5 devices promptly.

Quarterly: on the market at $19.99 per quarter and permits you to manage up to ten devices promptly.

Annual: on the market at $59.99 ($41.99 till September 21) annually and permits you to manage up to thirty devices promptly.


Tracking your children’s period location, keeping tabs on their smartphone usage, and staying up so far with their location history area unit extremely necessary for a parent. within the current day and age, it’s terribly straightforward for youths to induce distracted from their priorities or lead themselves into a harmful state of affairs.

With the FamiSafe Parental management App, you’ll simply monitor and manage your children, prompting them to focus higher on tasks that carry worth. FamiSafe is straightforward to use, fully secure, and handily priced.

So, area unit you able to settle for the responsibility of defending your young ones as they still become old and study life? Then Parental management is that the thanks to going!

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