What is Rich Content, and Why is it Essential to Your Marketing?

What is Rich Content, and Why is it Essential to Your Marketing?

By: marysmith

Attracting and retaining your audience can be a difficult task. This is why most content creators should consider using Rich content. Rich content consists of different media formats, including sound, video and images. It captures attention and encourages engagement. Moreover, it is an essential tactic in any digital marketing campaign. Rich content is mainly found in blog content, social media, and emails, from ads to promotions to newsletters.

Examples of rich content include:

  • Animated GIFs
  • Videos
  • Audio clips
  • Static images

The following are reasons why it is essential to include rich content in your marketing:

Grab the Attention of An Audience

Since there is an increase in content and article production, buyers have become picky in choosing what content they want to interact with to make informed decisions. Features like GIFs and videos will grab the reader’s attention because it introduces variety in place of regular text. Similarly, research provides that about 65% of readers absorb and retain information best through visual elements. Including rich content in your marketing strategy will ensure that visitors remember your brand. Rich content helps you present content in a way that allows visual learners to retain more information.

Lead the Competition

When it comes to marketing, you will want to do all you can to stand out from the competition. If your competitors use a rich content marketing strategy, you should look for gaps and fill them. You can also ask yourself what they are doing wrong and try to correct their mistakes. Moreover, Rich content provides a way to increase the value of the content you publish and catch clients’ eyes by standing out from the competition.

Increase Engagement Rates

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Rich content increases engagement with visitors. It gives visitors more to interact with as they browse your content. With features like video and other engaging features, potential customers can interact with rich content. Therefore, rich content produces higher click rates compared to regular text. A study done in 2014 shows that marketers that used rich content had engagement rates of about 17% compared to average content.

Increase Conversion Rates

Research shows that visitors spend less than eight seconds deciding whether to spend more time with your content or not.  During this time, they look for media that summarises what you are offering as a brand. As a result, videos, images and others ensure visitors stick around your website long enough to engage with the page.

Increase Visibility

Rich content makes your content relevant to more platforms and expands sharing opportunities. For example, youtube allows sharing of videos, and Spotify provides sharing of podcasts. Consequently, this builds awareness of your brand. It also opens up opportunities to secure backlinks and connect with new audiences they wouldn’t have reached with standard text.

In conclusion, content marketing is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is vital to consider the benefits you will get while using the Rich content strategy. If rich content is not in your marketing strategy for 2021, it is essential to consider it.

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