What is Clickbait? Know the Pros and Cons!

What is Clickbait? Know the Pros and Cons!

By: marysmith

Intentionally or not, we tend to check up on many sites that pop up in social media advertisements. Many times we don’t know to which site these advertisements will take us. One such feature is clickbait, specially designed to take users to a designated website in just one click. We like it or not, these types of tools have become the trend of social media. But what is not promising is the results it delivers.

Many times, these advertisements are just false promises and not more than that. But, some people use this feature wisely. There have been many features that pop up to promote social media content. But, to note, they have not disappeared. Many reasons such importance to this advertisement is because it does not deliver what it says. While it is much more attractive and can get many viewers for you on board, it is much more powerful and useful than many other tools. In summary, it is powerful, attractive, and does your job of bringing in traffic at ease.

History and Emerging Clickbait Trend

This feature often gets the attention of the users with a compulsive and attractive heading. Will you not click and want to check a site that says “Become a billionaire overnight”. Out of excitement, we will want to know what is there on the site even though we do not believe the caption. Most of these features are short sentenced and tagged with attractive titles. The text is kept purposefully short, so it can make many people relook at it.

Thus, you can easily find bait on any site when you browse through. Many organizations and users use this feature to promote their content. Besides, they also attract more traffic to their site easily. We can visibly note the clickbait trend in many promotional concepts that include newspapers and many other social media platforms. Many technologies have emerged to promote content in the digital marketing platform. But, clickbait has its place among users.

Best clickbait examples will give you an idea of what this tool does. But many of the complexities are not present when we use this simple feature. One can self-learn how to promote your content using this tool by referring to simple learning videos and little effort. Let’s have a quick look at what this tool is capable of.

Pros and Cons of Clickbait

Clickbait is one such feature that cannot disappear that easily. But this doesn’t mean there are no cons in using this tool. Let’s weigh some of the cons in using this feature extensively-

  • Many people use this as a shortcut to get the required traffic for their sites. It is not wrong, but using shortcuts and giving undesirable results can backfire.
  • Many users who think of one content and end up in bad content may not wish to return to your site again. It might cause a negative impact and bring down the rating of the site.
  • Extensive promotions using this tool might backfire. Many of them try to exploit this feature without knowing its strengths that will not end quite correctly.
  • Breach of trust – yes, you read it correctly. False promises -that we give to users lead to violation of trust and can gain adverse negative publicity.
  • Totally at negative cast – Since click baits have been in a bad light for quite some time, this trend depends on how users perceive it.

Many sites offer much more tools to promote digital marketing, but only a few baits can deliver what they promise. One such website is www.pyxissocial.com, which gives you various insights into digital marketing and helps you schedule social media content.

While we don’t want to put clickbait in the complete dark side, we can also explore some of the cons it has-

Pros and Cons

  • Easily reachable advertisement: While there are many growing and emerging technologies for content promotion, this feature is much simpler. You do not need to perform extensive research about this. It is as simple as a breeze to use.
  • It comes at a low cost: You don’t have to pay much for promoting your content using this feature. Doesn’t it sound good? Yes, it is?
  • Increased awareness of your content or brand: This tool can shed limelight on your brand with ease. Yes, it is easy and a click away, but the promise will have to be met by providing quality content to the users.
  • Easy to share: It is easily shareable on social media and can bring in much more traffic than you can expect.

What to Expect – use or not use it?

So, after all this, one could easily suspect whether to use this content promoting technique or not. It is quite simple. If this tool can be used for sensible content usage, then this is good to use for promotions. But when used in the extensive mode, it could kill your marketing and bounce back with bad results. It is one of the cheap but effective marketing techniques that can give accurate results.

It is one of the best tools in the market that is in use to get good results if correctly used. Make use of this tool and promote your content and grow your business quickly. Hence, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and see how this tool can be effectively managed and give you a much-needed advantage.

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