What Heaters Are the Best for Your Health?

What Heaters Are the Best for Your Health?

By: marysmith

When purchasing a device for heating a home, you need to pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the appliance but also to the safety of its use. To choose the safest heater, it is necessary to assess the degree of its fire safety, the oxygen consumption factor intensity, the temperature of the body heating, and other parameters. If the heater body becomes very hot during operation, you can get burned by accidentally touching the device.

In addition, when selecting a heater it is necessary to consider the degree of environmental friendliness of the device – an especially important characteristic if a child lives in the house.

Today the market presents multiple various heaters suitable for your home or office of different sizes. Though, not all the available options can be called safe for your health.

So, you would find this list of the safest heaters for sale very useful:

  • Oil heaters
  • Electric convertors
  • Fan heaters
  • Infrared heaters
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Non-electric heaters

Which Heater To Choose?

Of all the heating devices listed above, oil heaters and electric convectors are the safest. An oil heater is also considered to be the heating appliance with a long effect – so we recommend to pay your attention to oil device models. They consist of a sealed housing filled with oil and an electric heating element. All modern models of such devices have a thermostat designed to manually control the heating temperature of the appliance.

The body of the oil heater, depending on the type of the device, has the form of a flat panel or a cast-iron central heating radiator – it consists of separate sections assembled into a battery. The more sections in such a device, the more intensively the room will be heated. The capacity of radiators of various models of oil heaters can be different – you can increase the heat transfer area of ​​the battery by changing the profile of the sections while maintaining the basic dimensions of the unit.

Make right choice and be healthy!

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