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What Features You Should Look In A Terminal Emulator

By: marysmith

The reason why terminal emulator is required is that the computer would behave like a particular type of terminal to communicate with the mainframe. It also allows the user to access the text terminal and all its applications like CLI  (command-line interface) and TUI (text user interface) applications. These applications may run on the same or a different machine via dial-up or ssh. In Unix like operating systems, it is normal to have two or more terminal windows connected to a local line.

Before reading further, in this article, you will know about various features that you should look while looking for a terminal emulator.

What features that you should look in a terminal emulator?

Licensing Support

As you can notice, nowadays, the most complicated task in the IT industry is getting software licence support. Although, most of the companies provide a licence for generating the revenue, and you need to update or repurchase that license, once the time gets over. But turbo soft provides various licence support for their customers. To know more about turbo soft license support visit ttwin.com.

IPv6 Support

Always look for the terminal emulator which supports both IPv4 and IPv6, because it will work better when you need to make any transition. TTwin 4 is an excellent terminal emulator which is capable and support both the IP versions.

Printing support

If a terminal emulator allows the user to pass through printing in a very effective way, then, believe it or not, it one of the best and configurable terminal emulator.

Security and Automation

An excellent terminal would offer you several functions and specifications, but it is always crucial to notice the most important feature, i.e., security. Always go for a terminal which provides you with a wide variety of security tools that can help your organisations extensively.

There are many terminals which allow users to set up a configuration password to prevent the non-admin people form changing the configuration settings accidentally. Also, it would be great if a program runs in full screen and control the users to access the other tabs and programs.

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It may be possible that your current terminal does not support other operating systems. But in the market, several terminals support and are compatible with various operating systems. Also, look for a terminal emulator that support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of OS.

What are the advantages of a terminal emulator?

  • Terminal emulators support more colours and can run graphical programs.
  • User can see all of the things while performing other work at the same time.
  • There are better colour quality and font support in terminal emulators. Also, they are easier to configure.
  • You can also either use to run several instances of your shell or use the emulator’s tabbing or window splitting feature or even start multiple instances of your terminal emulator.
  • The terminal emulator is far more flexible than a text console.
  • The terminal emulator also increases performance and provides better security.
  • The terminal emulator supports various file transfer modules, and they are also compatible with several operating systems.
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