What are Instagram Lives for

What are Instagram Lives for

The most popular formats on Instagram right now are Stories and Reels, but they’re not the only ones that can bring you success. One of the oldest formats is Live. Lately, many bloggers are neglecting this format because they consider it irrelevant. In this article, you’ll learn why live streaming can help you forget how you had to buy likes on Instagram.

Why Is This Format Important?

Many authors think that it is enough for them to publish regular posts, Stories and Reels to interest the public. Of course, this should be the main focus. However, don’t forget that you need to talk with your audience in order to take into account their advice and recommendations. This can be done using comments below the posts, but this is more time-consuming and not a live conversation. In the comments, users cannot see you or hear your intonation, so your words may be misunderstood.

To interact effectively with your subscribers, you should be live. Thanks to this, you can talk with your viewers and find out from them what content they want to see in your account. You probably won’t even have to buy Instagram likes, because the audience will be active on your profile after a one-on-one conversation.

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What To Talk To The Subscribers About?

Many bloggers just like to chat with their subscribers about how their day went, what has happened to them recently and what plans they have for the future at work or at home. If you are planning to launch a new project, then you can tell your subscribers about it. For example, you can announce the approximate dates of the opening of the project or talk about the preparation for this.

Plus, you can answer your subscribers’ questions. Most often, when a blogger turns on Live, the audience asks a lot of questions about his plans, interests, and so on. If you have loyal viewers, they will be very interested in learning about your favorite books and films, to hear your opinion.

If you have a YouTube channel or shoot a video for Instagram, then you can talk about the process of shooting and editing video. Also, users are often interested in what video editing apps their favorite content makers use. Be sure that the main thing is to turn on the camera and start chatting with your audience.


Of course, Live is not the most popular format on Instagram, but thanks to it you can get to know your readers and viewers better and find out if they like everything in your content. Such events bring the audience closer and improve communication between subscribers and bloggers. We recommend that you talk with your audience more often so that their activity in your account increases.

But you should keep in mind that you must post good content so that subscribers want to chat with you and learn more about you. The most important thing in a blogger’s work is to take into account the opinion of the audience and try to do everything possible to get positive feedback. Social network users prefer to watch the content of those bloggers who are conscientious about their work and try to do something of high quality and interesting.

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