Why Web Design Is Important – Pro Or Diy Web Design?

By: marysmith

In the digital age, you may think it’s an obvious answer as to why you need a brilliant website. However, more and more users are now creating their sites through, what are essentially, online templates. You need not have any knowledge of coding or design but simply ‘edit’ the site to fit your purpose, as close as it can. New Business Community or those looking for a quick and easy site are attracted to these sites dues to their low cost – the fact that most of them are free.

Most of these services only have content management systems (CMS) in mind, so they benefit bloggers, photographers etc. but not all website types. Whilst having an excellent CMS in place is a positive thing, there is so much more to consider when designing your website. Do you need a shopping cart feature or interactive materials for your visitors? Some sites offer premium services to upgrade your website with plugins and the option to buy your URL, but don’t meet every requirement. You need to judge what’s best for you, based on your needs. Whether it’s a business site or a personal one, there’s no one size fits all approach. With all this in mind, this guide explores the pros and cons of both web design agencies and web template services.


Millions of people over the world may have used similar template services, meaning that thousands of those people, may have the same design as you. The same layout, the same animations – making your site feel pretty average in a sea of mediocrity. But, upgraded versions are available for a fraction of the price of web design agencies. You can customise templates, edit colours, fonts – all to give your site a more original feel.

Web Design Agencies – Unique and bespoke design / More costly

Web Template Sites – Free / Paid upgrades for better design & not 100% unique

Traffic and Marketing

Where most web design agencies have the upper hand is they have all the know-how on digital marketing, and build it into their designs. Most build websites that consider all aspects of your digital foot print, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), branding and content marketing. They know the techniques of how to get your site higher up in Google than you could ever achieve on your own. Some businesses/websites rely on purchasing to generate and run. Ecommerce websites are specific designs that include shopping carts, payment methods etc. Some web template companies may not offer these services.

Your Content is key too. Do you know what keywords boost your ranking on Google? What search terms will help your site show up on search engines? Expertise has no rival, but it’s all dependent on your budget and your website. Some websites are for personal use, but for a business, you want to rank above your competitors – which is no easy task to achieve on your own.

Web Design Agencies – Can get your site seen on Google / Fees and charges apply

Web Template Sites – Free / You have to go it alone & specialist sites may not be offered for free


Web design agencies and template sites rarely have any issues with how your website functions. Both fix problems as fast as possible. Where web design agencies build plugins to your site, template sites can have plugins added, for a cost. However, a whole website design costs more than adding plugins to an existing template. The better your site looks and runs; the more likely customers are to explore/use your services. Studies found that, on average, 75 percent of users would judge a business’ credibility based off the design of the website. A poorly designed site can make or break your business.

Does your site work on tablet or mobile devices? Most web template sites will automatically work on handheld devices. But a good web design agency would always test before they put your site live.

Web Design Agencies – Plugins built in and issues fixed ASAP / Costly

Web Template Sites – Issues fixed ASAP / Plugins cost extra to improve functionality


A completely unique and bespoke website of course will cost more. It takes time and investment to get a customised and tailor-made site. But, template sites aren’t without their costs. Your site, for most template sites, is free, however, upgraded templates, plugins and other features are additional extras. If you want to purchase your domain name, so you own it instead of the web template company, then that’s another cost to factor in. Although, most web design agencies will charge maintenance – which is usually worth the investment. It all depends on your budget. If you’re a business owner, a unique site may be best and is a smart investment for you. Bloggers, photographer or social influencers may find a template site would benefit them more. Less investment for a decent site that works for their purpose.

Web Design Agencies – Vale for money for unique site / Budget may not stretch to bespoke

Web Template Sites – Usually cheaper / Have their costs as well

Functional and well-designed websites will keep your visitors engaged and with the desire to explore your page more. Whatever service you use, make sure your website looks good and works well. Whether your budget is big or small, there’s pros and cons to both services. It all comes down to the purpose of your site and your desired outcome. Do you want a completely unique site that ranks well on Google? Or, is your site just a portfolio for your work online? Whatever the case, both services are suitable but for the right purpose, you just have to know what you want from your website.

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