Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Clients Online As A Small Business 

Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Clients Online As A Small Business 

By: marysmith

There has been tremendous growth in online businesses. As it seems today, you only need an idea and a well-thought-out strategy to reach out to millions of online visitors around the world. As your online business grows, there is an increased cyber-security threat. Statistics show that over 60% of companies have experienced cyber-attack.

Most of these business owners have no idea how to protect their businesses against such security risks as phishing, ransomware attacks, advanced malware, and such.

Knowing how to protect your online business against potential attacks is critical in keeping your data, money, and reputation safe.

See below ways in which you can protect your business from numerous cyber attacks.

Choose A Trusted Hosting Service.

Your online business cannot be successful without a website. But if you choose the wrong hosting company, that great design and powerful features won’t do any good to you. Thus you’ve to make sure the company that hosts you is trusted and PCI compliant. That way, you’ll know your website’s checkout and payment processes are secure from fraudsters who are always searching for loopholes to hit you. With many people going through hard economic times, it’s easy to fall for the so-called “free hosting.” Don’t even consider such an option for your online business. You need to keep your data, bank accounts, and some other sensitive information safe, and therefore, free hosting is not the way to go. Choose a secure Gold Coast IT Support company that will give you an SSL certificate to mark your site with HTTPS.

Strong Passwords

One of the primary ways to keep your site from attacks is by having a solid password. To make it strong and impenetrable, combine the lower and upper case letters, special symbols, and numbers. That makes it hard to crack and make it even more secure, change the passwords regularly and use two-factor authentications.

Update Software Regularly

To prevent security risks, you’ve to ensure the security software you’re using is up-to-date. Outdated software becomes an easy target for criminals. Thus you’ve to get a professional who will update your security software and all other software programs. You can set an automatic update so that upon expiry, your software programs will install automatically. That way, hackers have no opportunity to infiltrate your network and website.

Protect Your Network

Get a professional security package; get an anti-virus that’s reliable and anti-malware products. Choose a package that has a website malware cleanup and penetration testing. Any malware that penetrates your computer is weeded out.

Frequent Backup

A perfect way of protecting your website and data is doing regular backups. When you’ve essential files backed up, it becomes easy to retrieve them in case of an attack. It’s always advisable that you keep your copies off-site. That way, even if the servers are compromised, your data will be safely stored in the cloud.

You may have a flourishing online business, but if you’re not careful to secure it, then you may lose money and any other input. Choose reputable IT Security Experts on the Gold Coast who will help install the necessary security software and make your website watertight.


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