Ways That Can Help You Increase YouTube Views

By: marysmith

If you consider YouTube as a website where you can upload video based content, then you are going nowhere near getting many hits on your videos. With this outlook, you are using the portal for personal entertainment regardless of whether or not you intend to create a buzz out of your videos. But if you are considering monetizing your videos, you should be looking at YouTube quite differently. If you consider YouTube as a social media portal, you are on the right prospect to boost YouTube views for your videos. Your video perhaps not be an instant hit but will continue getting more YouTube views even after months.

There are various easy steps to boost YouTube views. On the other hand, these steps are usually taken for granted. Most of those who use YouTube consider that it is enough to come up with funny video content and it is crucial to make the videos more likely o get noticed on the Web, there are several other means on how you can increase the chances of getting more hits.

Consider MetaData

Creating videos and uploading them is not the only task that can help you get more hits on YouTube. You need to fill up the required MetaData including the description, headings, categories and tags. Fight the temptation of skipping this step. Your patients will surely pay off as this data helps boost the probabilities of your videos getting more views on your content.

Create Relevant Thumbnail

One other vital step that can help you increase views on YouTube is to create a relevant thumbnail for your videos. A Thumbnail is a snapshot that best represents the video. It could be a text, image or a frozen part of your video. YouTube will automatically generate three thumbnail options for you to pick one from them. Ensure your thumbnail looks good that captures the attention of your views whether in the search engines or on YouTube itself.

Make Use of Annotations To Your Own Advantage

Annotations can also boost YouTube views. They are basically small texts that are incorporated into the video as overlays. Annotations can be subscription box, information or relevant links that will help your target audience to remember that you have other related videos or that you have products/services that they could buy to help them with their daily problems. It also helps generate more traffic by enhancing the chances of getting your adverts clicks or by boosting the Google Rankings.

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