Watch Enthusiast’s Choice: The TAG Heuer Luxury Timepieces of 2021

Watch Enthusiast’s Choice: The TAG Heuer Luxury Timepieces of 2021

By: marysmith

Most people love wearing watches. In fact, both men and women get interested in having a set or a collection of luxury timepieces. It’s more than just a gadget that you need to put on your wrist so that you’ll always be aware of the time of the day. Wearing a watch becomes part of your lifestyle, and you tend to incorporate it into your everyday fashion.

You may find a lot of different watch brands available in the market today. However, the masterpiece of timepieces that truly stands out among the others is from the prestigious TAG Heuer watchmaking company. Therefore, check these luxury watches below by TAG Heuer that have been a sought-after work of art that definitely holds elegance, quality, and performance.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Black Dial

The first on the list is the TAG Heuer series of Formula 1 Black Dial. Yes, that’s correct! The dial display of this watch is in color black that will surely get your attention when you see it for the first time. It has a brushed finish look with chronograph indexes. Its model number is CAZ101AD.FT8024 and its design is specifically for men. However, many women get interested in this watch too.

This watch has a round shape with its bezel in elegant black color. The primary material used for its entire casing is stainless steel, and the bracelet is made from rubber. Hence, when you want to buy a new watch in 2021, you can never go wrong with the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Black Dial.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz Chronograph

Another masterpiece of TAG Heuer is its series Formula 1 Quartz Chronograph that always gets the most watch enthusiasts’ attention all over the globe. The black dial display tends to captivate everyone’s eyes because it creates a distinct look of simplicity and luxury at the same time. You won’t also miss the luminescent finish and the radiance of its hands in silver shade. They all look gorgeous.

The model number of this watch is CAZ1010.BA0842 and both the casing and the band are all made of pure stainless steel. That’s why you can find this watch looks sturdier and more durable. The round shape of its bezel is also in black, measuring 43 millimeters in total diameter. Hence, when you prefer a watch with a combination of simplicity and luxury feel, this watch is for you.

TAG Heuer Carrera Quartz Ladies Watch

The next on the list is the TAG Heuer Carrera watches for women. This has been one of the ladies’ favorites to be part of their collection because of its stunning design that only contains a little touch of femininity. At first glance, the blue dial display will surely catch your picky eyes that hold this masterpiece’s entire luxurious feel.

You’ll also never condone the beauty of its hands that shine in the dark with the rose gold shade, and the luminescent finish also looks gorgeous. The model number of this watch is WAR1112.BA0601. The round-shaped bezel has a total of 39 millimeters in diameter, and both the bracelet and the band are made from stainless steel material. Hence, the overall aesthetic beauty and the quality of this TAG Heuer Carrera watches for women is something that owns a favorable spot among all of your favorites.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Quartz Ladies Watch

Another timepiece masterpiece of TAG Heuer for ladies is this Aquaracer series. This is one of the favorites of most women among the other available watches of this brand. It also has a blue dial display that contrasts with the color of the rest of the watch. Besides that, you’ll surely appreciate the attractive golden color of its hands that also shine in the dark.

With its hands, the hour markers on display, and the minute markers on the outer rim will also produce a stunning radiance when there’s no enough illumination. The model number of this watch is WBD1325.BB0320 and both its band and the casing use yellow gold and stainless steel as the primary materials. Besides that, it’s also water-resistant up to 300 meters.

Hence, the overall design and quality of this TAG Heuer Aquaracer series watch for ladies is undeniably a masterpiece that will never be left behind. At first glance, you’ll definitely see its luxurious style that gets the attention of most timepiece collectors’ picky eyes and taste. Therefore, if you already have a set of favorites, don’t finalize it yet until you try this Aquaracer watch by TAG Heuer on your wrist. You’ll indeed have a new one to add to your list after doing it.


TAG Heuer offers you a lot of luxury watch options that you can choose and add to your beloved collection. Check the company’s website now to see which one that perfectly fits your fashion style and needs.

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