How to Use a Smartphone to Supercharge Life/Work Productivity as a Programmer

In today’s workplace, productivity is an important soft skill. By definition, productivity is the ability to effectively manage and balance the work entrusted to you. It’s the ability to handle distractions without becoming overwhelmed or stressed.

Being a programmer today means finding the right set of tools to maintain optimum productivity. It means being able to code faster and write higher quality code. It also means being able to balance life and work.

Today’s technology enables programmers to maintain optimum productivity. Smartphones are integral in creating suitable solutions to maximize productivity while maintaining a well-balanced work/life experience. It’s a key tool to continuously, consistently and significantly improve one’s daily life and work productivity.

Here are some tips for efficiently using your smartphone to supercharge your life and work productivity.

Device syncing

The workplace today means leveraging technology to enable people to achieve work/life balance. A smartphone’s ability to sync multiple devices and multiple accounts means your work is no longer tied to the office. It also contributes to increased productivity, boosts workplace morale, and collaboration.

A smartphone that offers daily Internet means you are able to access your work beyond the office space, enabling you to work wherever you go.

If, like many other programmers, your job also consists of attending numerous client meetings, being able to sync work onto your smartphone means you can breeze through client emails and administrative tasks even before you reach your actual office.

This removes interruptions while coding, enabling you to minimize distractions and get into the zone.


With so many scheduling tools available on a smartphone, being well-organized is a simple tap away. Being able to manage tasks and schedule meetings and appointments through your smartphone means you’re prepared and organized for the day, or even the entire week.

Simply keeping to your schedule means you are sure to have a productive day ahead with minimal stress.

Being able to adjust your schedule to accommodate personal and professional events on your smartphone drives both efficiency and accessibility. This increases collaboration, creativity, and productivity, as the rest of your development team can organize the project workload around everyone’s schedule.

Scheduling apps like Google Calendar or Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar enable everyone working on a project to optimize the entire flow of work, creating a real-time workspace that fits everyone’s scheduling needs.


Your smartphone is a one-stop shop for managing everything you need to have a productive day. So why not let it automate certain processes to ensure your productivity is fully supercharged? From your personal to work life, your smartphone can be used to automate tasks, eliminating needless daily chores.

Tedious tasks that can be automated include backing up and syncing files to the cloud, managing new contacts, managing social accounts, syncing calendars, securing data through tools like Kaspersky Internet security mobile, and automatically launching Wi-Fi tethering.

Learning new skills

A smartphone’s ability to access information makes it the perfect learning tool. From both a personal and professional perspective, a smartphone can be used to learn or hone a range of new skills. From languages to cooking, drawing to mediating, your smartphone can be a gateway to expand your skills and abilities.

Learning apps go beyond tutorial-based platforms. Hacker News, SlashDot, and CODE are just some of the apps and websites that cater to a programmer’s needs. These are the perfect sites or apps to access through your smartphone to discuss projects, troubleshoot, or just to stay on top of the latest tech news.

Keeping fit

It’s a proven fact that people who exercise are more productive. The benefits of releasing endorphins extend beyond feeling and looking better. It also contributes to how alert and focused you can become in the workplace.

The sophistication of smartphones today means we no longer feel compelled to get gym memberships or attend classes to get a heart-pumping workout.

With a wide range of free to paid apps to choose from such as Sworkit, Jefit, Simple Steps and C25K, your smartphone can easily be adapted to be your personal coach. Whether you exercise first thing in the morning or as a post-work reward, your smartphone will ensure you stay energized for optimum productivity throughout the day.

Productivity simplified

Supercharging your productivity levels is no longer as complex as it once was. These days, all you need is a smartphone. No longer just an accessory, the smartphone has evolved as the key to unlocking new ways to maintain and achieve high levels of productivity in both your personal and professional life.


Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

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