How to Use Adobe Spark to Make Business Flyers

By: Aiza Gill
You want your business flyers to look professional, but have enough flair to stand out in the crowd. Read on to learn how to make them using Adobe Spark.

In today’s ever-growing marketplace, it is essential for your brand to stand out.

Marketing tools, such as business flyers, are a great way to capture attention while conveying your message.

With Adobe Spark, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create an impressionable flyer.

Read on to learn how to use Adobe Spark to make business flyers.

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Picking the Size

The most efficient way to gauge what size your flyer should be is to decide where your flyer will go.

Are you going to be passing out flyers on a college campus? You will probably want to use the preset ‘Square’ or ‘Card’ size.

Is this going in a print publication? There are options for that too. I would recommend using the ‘Banner’ size.

Adobe Spark even allows you to customize flyers that can go on social media. Some of the social media options are listed below:

  • Instagram: Post and Story
  • Facebook: Post, Ad, Profile Cover, Page Cover, Event Cover
  • Twitter: Post and Header
  • LinkedIn: Background

The full list can be accessed here.

Selecting the Theme

Each brand is different, so there is no ‘one-size fits all’ option on Adobe Spark.

At this stage, you can browse through a list of professionally designed layouts and templates. Then, you are able to edit until you feel it is a match for your brand.

Users can browse through a variety of color palettes and background colors. Insert text, photos, and icons to ensure your business flyers stand out.

All changes made from here out are automatically saved, so don’t worry if you need to come back to your work later.

Selecting an Image

Choosing the right image means finding one that resonates with your brand.

Do you have a logo that you would like to include? Insert that or any other image during this stage.

If you don’t have an image in mind, then don’t fret! Simply click ‘Find Photo’ to browse through thousands of online options.

These images all have a Creative Commons license, so they are able to be used for projects like this.

Picking Your Font

The font of your business flyers is very important. It is actually one of the most eye-catching details of a flyer.

Adobe Spark offers a large variety of fonts that are bold enough to capture your brand.

Go to the ‘Text’ tab. Here, you will be able to select the appropriate typography for your business flyers.

This is where you can make general edits to your text. Browse through various color, opacity, and shape options. Also, this is where you will properly align and space the text in your flyer.

Share Your Business Flyers!

Congratulations! You now have an impeccable marketing tool that will help customers identify your brand.

From here, you are able to share your business flyers online in any capacity (website, social media, email, etc.)

Also, you can download your business flyers to be printed and shared in-person. Or you can download to forward to others in your business. However, don’t be surprised if your boss thinks you’re a professional after submitting!

Have you used Adobe Spark to design business flyers before? Share your tips and strategies in the comments section below!

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