Upgrading, Adding or Removing a Video Card, Sound Card, or Other AGP/PCI Card

Upgrading, Adding or Removing a Video Card, Sound Card, or Other AGP/PCI Card

By: marysmith

For Video cards – Most PC video cards nowadays are AGP. But you Tweet Board COULD be operating with PCI, or PCI explicit. If you’re now not sure that you have (extra then seventy five% of the time it is going to be AGP) consult your motherboard manual. If your video card is AGP, you must see a slot smaller then the alternative slots to your board, and it will likely be a one-of-a-kind color. You can probable additionally tell your video card if it has a GPU (a processor with a fan on pinnacle of it) or a video card organisation published on it like Nvidia or Geforce.

To take out your video card a good way to transfer it for a more recent one, or if it genuinely is not working, remove the screw first that holds it to the case. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE CARD UNTIL YOU HAVE UNSCREWED IT. You will damage, maybe even break your card, and you can damage your AGP, PCI or PCI express slot as nicely. Your board may additionally then have a simple transfer that holds the socket down. Flick this switch up. After the scrue is eliminated, and the switch is flicked up, pull the card faraway from the board. Pull it on one facet first so when it comes out it comes out on a slant, kind of like a automobile reversing. It must come out pretty without difficulty. To put in a new card, make sure the card you are putting in is well coated up within the slot, then press the cardboard into the slot. If it would not seem to be entering into, you may be placing it in the incorrect manner. The pathways on the only facet of the cardboard ought to be the side that goes into the motherboard slot (these pathways searching like small strains going up one aspect of the cardboard). Once the cardboard sinks in with nearly a click on (like RAM), flick the switch down and scrue the card into the area you unscrued it. Start up your PC, ensure the cardboard is working, then placed your case back on.

Sound card – Sound cards are pretty smooth, and the approach for those may be used for any other card, which include community cards and so on (assuming they are all PCI. PCI are the black slots to your board). For putting in/eliminating a PCI card, simply unscrue it from the board, pull it out, then positioned the brand new one in, and scrue it in. Pretty easy. If you are having troubles, ensure the lines going for walks up one side of the card is the facet going into the slot. If you still have issues, strive to turn the card around (however nonetheless make certain the pathways are facing the slot).

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